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Congrats Sprint you Got Me with the Flex Lease

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Congrats Sprint you Got Me with the Flex Lease

What can i say 2 years ago, I added a line and brought my wife onto my account. Purchased (leased) an Iphone using the flex lease.  I wanted a 2 year contract, but those don'e exist anymore and today i found out why.  At the time of bringing my wife onto my account, i was assured that the Flex lease operated like a 24 month contract, but better. Well my wife's phone is in good condition and we don't really want to upgrade her phone right now.  I recently checked my bill because i thought my contract would almost be up.  Turns out that no although i have paid 24 months of payments, i still have 6 more to go or $240.00 to pay for the phone.  

So Sprint has got me. They got me good.  I have had several chats, but the chat customer service reps don't seem to be inclined to maintain this customer relationship.  When my 2nd lines payments complete in 4 months, I will be looking for a new home for my phones.  The service when i am at work is garbage anyway.  Thanks Sprint for making that decision easier.  


Oh wow we're really sorry that this happened. Normally after your 18 month leasing contract you have 3 options:

  1. Upgrade to a new phone and return the one currently on the lease via an RMA kit or a Store Drpo-off.
  2. Buy your leased device via 1 lum sum payment of the End of Lease purchase option or via 6 monthly payments totaling the end of lease purchase option. This can be processed after your lease online or via a Sprint rep. (This is what I think should have been said to avoid miscommunication.)
  3. You can do neither and keep paying monthly payments to keep renting the device after the lease. This is what we call month-to-month payments and it's what i beleive is taking place on your lease at this point. 

I understand, what you are saying. I wish i had known that in December and that Sprint had more effectively communicated that the lease was expiring and that i needed to affirmatively take an action or i would be throwing money down the toilet, but here we are Sprint not letting me purchase the phone that I would like to own online and me still light money on fire. Sprint chat giving me the run around and making me more and more angry. So angry that i don't know if this consumer relationship can be salvaged.  Sprint saying hey Bleep you we have a contract and me saying I will tell everyone on social media (Starting here) be wary of the fine print on the lease that you sign with Sprint. Sprint has all the power and drafts the contracts. sales reps go and communicate bad information, which is relied upon to the detriment of the customer. Still, my service when i am at work is garbage and I am still being charged lease payments and i have no way to stop them.  None of my situation makes me believe that anyone should be a Sprint Flex lease customer and i will tell anyone who will listen that that is the case. 


I can check your account to see if there may be anything possible. I cant make any promises but I can try, Respond to our PM and well check it out. 


Your system is amazing. apparently I have sent so many PM's that I am unable to now send the payment approval. Hilarious. This is a nightmare that won't end. I cant say yes, because you won't let me. 


Last week, I was very frustrated with my Sprint experience. I have had a weekend to reflect and I now have some additional insight. Sprint has made the lease buyout process as difficult as possible to prevent people from buying their phones. Some lessons that i have learned. In the month prior to the completion of your lease, you should just buy the phone.

1. Don't assume that you will receive a separate important notification from Sprint when it is time to purchase your phone, you probably won't. This could be that all of your Sprint notifications go to Junk mail, because they send out so many of them. 

2. When you get ready to purchase your phone, make sure you have about 8 hours to devote to the process, it may take that long. For something that you have the contractual right to do, they will make you jump through excessive hoops to get it done. They do not want you to buy the phone, because that cuts into their profit. 

3. If you get sucker punched with some of the monthly lease fees, then you essentially just lit that money on fire. Sprint will not make it right (they used to, but this is the new Sprint). 

4. For your next purchase, buy your phone directly from the manufacturer or through some other means. I know that Apple still offers contracts, it is essential you making a payment to a bank, but at least the terms of the loan are straight forward and understandable. 

5. Don't trust anything that Sprint sales or customer service reps tell you when you are purchasing a phone they tell one thing and then they hide behind the contract that you sign even though it explicitly contradicts what they just told you.  

Please learn from my mistakes.

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