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Full Price Option Only!


Full Price Option Only!

Apparently the merger is more problematic than let on. Per two telesales reps, one customer care, and two individuals in the cancellation dept. (it took three hours to get this information!):


“Spending limits for equipment have been decreased during the process of the merger.”

 ***those with subpar or whose accounts have not celeb reviewed by Sprint’s credit dept get screwed***

So the information found for “account spending limit” needs to be updated ASAP, information needs to be sent to existing/new customers, and the representatives really need to know what’s going on with this mess because it should NOT have taken three hours for someone to tell me, “I’m sorry you can’t add a line or upgrade without paying the full price (due to the merger).”


Note: FAQ listed there would me no major changes that would impact Sprint/T-Mobile customers, yet this “finance credit” as the reps (some of them) called it, is blocking a good deal of customers from adding new services.



Sprint Social Care

I do get why you feel this way. Allow me the chance to take a look at your account in regards to this. Can you send me a private message? 


I'm going to need your name, the account holders name and your 6-10 digit PIN. I'll check and see what's taking place. 


I'm having the same issue. Could you send me a private message please. I'm not sure how to do it.

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