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Large Down Payments


Large Down Payments

I have been with Sprint for years. Have 5 devices and a laptop line. I have enjoyed upgrading or adding lines when ever I needed it and never had a down payment. I pay a premium for all of these devices as well. 

Now I can't get a upgrade without paying a 70% down payment. 

No real explanation. Rep says it's because of a credit check.  No credit check has been completed and Sprint does not even operate that way. 

I've put up with the horrible customer service when calling Sprint for years simply because i could get any device i wanted. 

If i am expected to pay up front for a phone then i will just go to a company with better customer service and better cell service!

This merger is the cause!

Sprint Social Care

Hey! I'm sorry that you feel that way but it doesn't really matter what credit class you fall under after the check. In some cases, most customers would be required to be pay large down payment regardless.


Well there it is folks. We can be required to pay large down payments no matter what with T-mobile.  

Thanks for confirming that canceling is the best option. 

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