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Not understanding flex lease


Not understanding flex lease

So I've been with Sprint a little over a year and when I started my contract with them and leased my first phone the store manager of the store never told me that after paying 100s of dollars for current leased phone that when the lease was over I would have to return it. Someone please explain how that makes any sense. So honestly you pay more then what the phone is worth. I wish I would of asked more questions but I figured it was something Sprint was doing to actually help the customers get the phone they wanted easier. There again another reason I wish I would of never switched. So to sum it up Sprint not only lies to you claiming to have great service in the area you live in, the worst customer service I've ever dealt with, there a company that doesn't care about the customer and there needs and helping them out  they only care about money 

Sprint Employee

Hey Bsheldrake35 ! Let's get you in better shape regarding the lease info.

When a lease contract is completed, you have multiple options:

1. Upgrade to a new phone: You can return your phone to Sprint in good working condition and lease or purchase a new phone. If the phone is not in good working order, a damaged device fee may be charged.

2. Purchase the device: Paying the Purchase Price option (PPO) at the end of the lease in a one-time lump sum payment. Or pay the PPO at the end of the lease in six monthly payments. (This option is only available if you are on a Sprint Flex lease).

3. Do nothing (month-to-month): This is the default option. The lease is open, but on a month-to-month status. If you do nothing, you continue to pay the regular lease payments but these do not count toward the purchase price of the phone.

4. Turn In (return) device : If you want to return the phone and use another, you can turn in the leased phone to Sprint in good working condition. If the phone is not in good working condition, a damaged device fee may be charged.


I have also sent you a message on another thread and in private, please reply to it as soon as you get a chance. 

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makes plenty of sense...a lease is pretty much like renting a you own it at the end of your lease? are only renting it.. you have the option to purchase it at the end but that is fully up to that person.


Google "what is a lease" and it will explain what it is


i do however agree with needing something a bit more in your face when it comes to reminding you that your lease is almost up though. heck even a courtesy automated text would work..cant exactly throw that away without seeing what it was first..and to be honest how many people physically look at their bill each month before paying it? not many

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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