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Representative lied and rejecting equal rights to customers


Representative lied and rejecting equal rights to customers

I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years. I have four lines that, in June 2018, I thought I would own the phones after 24 months. The representative at the store at Frederick MD said it would be a least for 18 months, and the rest six months would be to own the phone if I want to keep it, which that’s what I want. By the end of the year, I spoke with a representative by phone asking what I need to do to keep the phones, and he said he would send me a text to follow the procedures, which never happens. I thought the representative already fix the situation. But it wasn’t. Five months later, I was able to log in online to my sprint account and only to find out that those months didn’t count to own the found, still as a lease. Who is there common sense want to continue with a least and not hold the phone with the same amount of money? I try speaking with a representative by phone, and they say the supervisors will call back, but they are not. After doing my research with friends and checking online, I found out that sprint has fully refund those months of least to all the customers who ask for it and want to own the phone, which is my case too. Therefore, As a customer for many years and want to believe that sprint is a company that I can trust, I’m asking for the same equal rights regardless of anything, I would like to have the full refund as many other customers too. 
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Sprint Social Care

Hey! In order to own any leased device the customer, in this case you, would need to go on right before the 18th month and set up your lease to be purchased with-in 6 months if that doesn't happen you device continues to be lease. Now that I got that out the way, I would like to see what we can do from this end. PM us, I want to take a further look into this.  

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