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Special pricing for loyal customers


Special pricing for loyal customers

Hi Sprint! I'm ready to upgrade to a new iPhone 8+ I can either buy one from you at $29.17 a month with trade in (a $699.99 value!) or buy a new one through Apple who will do all the work to get this new iPhone 8+ set up with my existing sprint account for $21.00 a month; same duration but $504 total cost


Whats the math behind Sprint astounding savings for being a customer since 2012? Is this aScreen Shot 2019-09-11 at 4.31.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-11 at 4.31.43 PM.png $196 convenience fee?

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Re: Special pricing for loyal customers

That is a pretty good deal from Apple. 


I get how it is frustrating with the price difference. However, Apple is the manufacturer for the phone, and they have a lot of flexibility when it comes to prices. While we love our customers to upgrade with us, but we do understand that customer need to choose the best deal for them. 


Sprint's deal you have posted is a 18 month flex lease option. I believe the one you posted from Apple is a 24 month option. They are 2 very different deals. 


Re: Special pricing for loyal customers

Apparently it is. Good thing my contract obligations are done. Sprint really has no intent to keep their customers. 

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Special pricing for loyal customers

Hi Freshmaker. Have you reached out to us to look and see what targeted deals are available specifically to you? We do have regular deals within our sales team that are targeted for existing customers and folks looking to upgrade. I'd definitely suggest reaching out to an agent at in the chat feature or calling 866-275-1411 to ask what offers are available to you. 


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