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Sprint Leasing-Poor customer service experience


Sprint Leasing-Poor customer service experience

I have been a sprint customer for almost 10 years. In that time I'd say my customer service and services offered have been generally satisfactory overall until recent. However, I recently was clued in on the "lease" plan option of which you really are paying Sprint more than what it would have cost to buy the phone outright to begin with rather than lease. I can say I was extremely unhappy when I found out after 700+ dollars in 18 months I still now am locked into paying another 240.00 if I want to own my phone. Not happy. But what actually made me post wasn't this factor but the extremely bad customer service I received in chat. The person I spoke with was non-chalant about my questions, left me for periods of time without answering and then would come back and be lick "oops" my bad...can you say what it is you need? When he did finally respond he was like oh yeah sorry about that, yeah I don't have the instructions to do that here's the phone number for customer service to call and they might be able to help you figure it out...anything else? (because apparently I was taking up to much of the precious time I sat staring at my own screen) 


I am not amused. A. I'm not happy about this lease scam type program. Just say to customers either pay for your phone in full or you're going to pay way more for any financial assistance from us. CLEAR  B.  I waited over 12 minutes just to get someone on chat...then another 10 plus minutes to get said person to answer basic questions(kind of) and then say call customer service because they couldn't be bothered to figure it out. C. I'm now locked into paying another 240....for a phone Sprint can't and won't replace if it breaks......


I took 2 minutes in my online account and just figured out how to get the information and update to my payment I needed. That's less time than it took me to write this mini-rant.  2 minutes and I just wanted someone to point me in the right direction and better explain why I'm being charged 900+ for this phone.


FYI If I'm on chat i either can't or don't want to call customer service. 10 years....10 years and after paying this phone off I think I'll be shopping for a new provider. 




Re: Sprint Leasing-Poor customer service experience

Thanks for letting us know of your experience. Furthermore thanks for 10 years of dedication and loyalty with us here at Sprint, Do you by chance have any names you can Direct Message me so we can provide some coaching opportunities to them?


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