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Sprint customer for 20+ years and phone deals for new customers are better than what I am offered.


Sprint customer for 20+ years and phone deals for new customers are better than what I am offered.


Hi, just checking if Sprint was going to do anything for you. For me I have nothing so far.


Hi, so far those are just rumors since I have been offered nothing.


I am in your camp, nothing coming from Sprint.

by post to Sprint - 

i am a 20 year Sprint customer. i am paying a premium price for my services. i am very tired  of not be eligible for any special offers. hot spot   2. hula 3. iphone xr for $15 5. LG G8 $15 these offers are for either new customer or new line of service. Is there any incentive for me to continue with, never mind obviously not. So I am going to move on to a company who hopefully values longevity. I just don't get it Yes I have spoken to Sprint customer service and express my disappointment, no one would assist.

Example - LG G8 $15 for new customer LG G7 for existing customer,

I don't understand your priorities, that right it's not your current customer.


@DLDREYES, I understand your frustration. The offers for new customers are there to assist with changing carriers. After that first phone, the offers are the same for them. 


Now, looking at hotspot and Hulu, do you know what plan you're currently on? We may need to review the options for a plan change to get those additional services for you. 





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Red. So the goal is to have turnover every 2 years? 


Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Wife and I need new phones, see a deal for $0 down and just under $20 a month for the new Note, but after signing in, the price shoots to $250 down and almost double each month. Go figure, the deal is for new customers. I'm actively looking for better deals with other providers. It's a shame that existing customers aren't rewarded for loyalty. 


I'm in the same situation. I'm a 20 year customer and can't get the same deals as a new customer. I guess sprint is willing to lose us in favor of new customers! The sad part is we have proven our loyalty yet they have none for us!


If you want to try you can (1) try calling in (2) ask to be connected/escalated to customer care (or retention) and (3) then ask them to escalate to retention. I was told they have to escalate in that order. It's ridiculous they just care for new subscibers. I have my five family phones lined up to all leave Sprint for the best deal out there in 12 more months. At that time the contracts will be up. Good luck to you, you might get lucky and get sent to retention on first try and offered the advertised deals.


I've called but didn't have it escalated. I'll give that a try. I was told the prices are due to credit rating. I admit, my credit has tanked due to some financial issues but... my Sprint bill is on the auto pay plan, so they've received payment on time for the duration of our contract(s). That should amount to something in my opinion.


Hi shinej73 ! We don't want you to leave. I'll do what I can to help you out. Please reply to my Private Message as soon as you have a chance. 

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So my takeaway from this thread is to just keep switching carriers every two to three years in order to get the best deal on phones. Time as a customer is a non factor. Thanks for all the posts. I know what I need to do now.  


The true take away, is that Sprint would rather pay customer acquisition costs to get new customers, than pay any costs associated with customer retention. Sprint knows that once they set the hook, the fish will squirm a little bit, but they won't jump off of the hook.  There are very simple reasons for this 1. lack of meaningful competition, what are you going to go to T-Mobile.

2. Hassle associated with actually changing companies.

3. Ingrained sense of customer loyalty. (We feel that we are betraying a company when we switch, but the company has no such feelings for us. 

In reality, Sprint will only provide old customers, with deals when the manufacturer provides them with a deal.  They don't really care if you leave. Customer Service will tell you that they care because it sounds nice, you will trust them, and you will believe them. Ultimately, you will stay, but that is because you will price the other 2 carriers and determine that Sprint is cheaper (barely), and Sprint will eventually offer you an ok, but not a great deal. It will be some table scrap of a deal on terms that are only beneficial to Sprint.  

Each month while your a customer, your bill will slightly increase $.25 here $.35 there, you will examine the bill, but you won't complain. In a few years, you will repeat this cycle of complaining that at 25+ years they give better deals to new customers than your get, but they still won't offer you any new deals. 

Be careful in your future dealings with Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon. 

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