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Sprint isn't what it used to be

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Sprint isn't what it used to be

So I've been a customer of Sprint for close to 15 years, if not more, never had service with anyone else. Never had any issues which weren't resolved until about 4 years ago and it only ever seems to get worse.


I got a used iPhone 4 when I first switched to a data plan, not sure which plan I was on except it was unlimited and a great price. After the iPhone 6 came out I was either eligible for an upgrade or sprint had a promotional that I was happy with. I asked whether that upgrade would alter anything about my unlimited plan. I was told it wouldn't. But that was a lie and I was forced into a more expensive plan. Fortunately, a sprint store employee was able, and willing, to switch me back to the previous less expensive plan. This is about the best outcome I've had in the last 4-5 years. 


Next came the faulty iPhone 6 and the "Bendgate" issue. Sprint absolutely refused to do anything when this happened to my iPhone. A helpful sprint store employee (different from the previous) suggested I go to an Apple store. Fortunately they replaced it. Then the replacement suffered Bendgate and nobody would do anything at all. I even sent it for repair and was left without a phone for 2 weeks only to be told it would cost a couple hundred dollars, so I suffered through a bad phone. 


Fortunately the iPhone 7 came out and sprint had another good promotional. The turn your iPhone 6 in and get iPhone 7 free with monthly credits for the lease. Given the difficulty I had with upgrading previously, I specifically asked whether the iPhone 7 upgrade would force my plan to change. I was assured by a sprint store employee that my plan would remain the same. Apparently that was a lie, again! When my iPhone 7 arrived in the mail and I went online to activate it I was prompted to change my plan. Being so frustrated with my Bendgate 6, I gave in and activated the 7. I tried getting sprint to acknowledge that I was told I could keep my plan but didn't get anywhere. 


Now that lease is up and I'm more infuriated with Sprint than ever. I got online with chat about 3-4 months ago to ask some questions about the end of lease options. I was told Sprint would contact me when the lease was done and provide me with my options to buy the iPhone 7 or continue leasing month to month. This never occurred! Then the Sprint employee voluntarily told me that if I wait til the lease was over the price of the purchase option ($176) would decrease when the value of the phone was re-evaluated. This sounded great so I waited to hear from Sprint. About a month ago, as the lease had ended and I had received no communication from Sprint, I decided to get back in touch. I sent a message through chat explaining the situation, part of which was a missing credit for the lease and that I was told the price would decrease. She assured me the price of the phone would be available soon and she also told me I was going to receive a final credit for the lease, which wasn't on the latest bill. 


Well a couple weeks later the new price for the purchase option was available. Now it's  $218!

So I decided to do a little math to see what my phone would be worth brand new (which it obviously isn't):

My lease was for 18 months, the original MSRP was $649 and the credit I received was $26.39 (although the lease agreement says $28.17) meaning $475.02-$507.06 was paid on the phone. In other words I owe $141.94-$173.98 based on the original price of the phone. But the MSRP is currently $549 and Sprint is selling pre-owned iPhone 7 32gb for $349 (currently marked down to $299). Which drops the high end of what I owe to $73.98 at the current MSRP for a new phone or negative $126.02 at Sprint's price for a pre-owned phone!


So I go to a Sprint store to try and get help. I explain what's going on with my lease and I the final credit on the lease agreement that I still haven't seen even though I was told it would show on the next bill. They can't help me, but they give me the number for Sprint finance and assure me it's an American call center (I already despise talking on the phone and don't want a language barrier adding to my frustration). By the time I do all that and finally call the price does go back down to $176. So I call and a guy with an accent answers. I explain the whole lease situation and the promise voluntarily made by Sprint, and confirmed by a second person at Sprint, that the price of my phone would go down. He flat out refused to acknowledge  this, telling me the price wouldn't be reevaluated for 6 months and that no changes in price would happen until then. I probably should have asked for his manager, but at this point I'm so flustered and upset I hang up and go pay for the phone at a store.


As for the missing lease credit, I was able to find it, my lease started in October/November and should have ended in March/April. But Sprint somehow decided to alter my September statement to include one of my lease credits. Meaning that my lease credits ended a month early compared to my lease agreement.


So thanks to Sprint's dilly-dallying and document altering I was forced into at least one payment on the month-to-month option if not two, I haven't had the courage to look. I don't know what I expect to happen on this forum other than having a chance to let Sprint know they messed up big (if anyone in Sprint ever even sees this) and now that the iPhone 7 is mine and I have no lease or contract to tie me to Sprint I'm seriously considering other options.

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Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be

Hello marked141a, we understand your concern and how inconvenient this has been for you. We'd like to provide you with some information regarding the end of lease and purchase option:

Device Non-Return Fee (aka PPO) = during the lease, and up to 30 days after the end of the Lease term.
Device Non-Return Fee is the dollar amount of the device that is specified in the Lease agreement contract during your lease.
◦Device Non-Return Fee represents the dollar value of the Leased device if the you were to either purchase it, return it, or fail to return it via RMA, during your Lease (early lease termination).


FMV = Fair Market Value = 30 days after the lease term has ended. ◦FMV at minimum, the buyback amount of the device, applies to the value of the Leased device during the month-to-month timeframe.
◦FMV represents the dollar value of the Leased device if you were to either purchase it, return it, or fail to return it via RMA, after your Lease has reached its originally scheduled term end-date.


If you have any additional questions or would like us to clarify any additional concerns you may have regarding your contract and account, feel free to send us a Private Message.

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Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be

This is not an issue of definition, it is an issue of one or multiple failures by Sprint.


I would have been perfectly happy to pay the $176 as stated in the lease agreement. I never asked the sprint employee about a reduced price but he voluntarily shared that the price would decrease after the lease ended. If this wasn't going to happen, then he should not have been telling customers it would. He also told me Sprint would contact me directly regarding the end of lease options, they never did.


When I contacted Sprint a second time I stated what I learned from the previous guy and my concerns that the price of the phone hadn't lowered. This second Sprint employee told me the price would go down by a certain date. Then the price went up! Meaning the first two people I talked to either lied to me or were not authorized to divulge that information. 


Going to a Sprint store is no help because Sprint doesn't allow these employees to do anything.


Sprint finance told me the price would not change for 6 months after the lease, which is wrong because I saw the price change not once but twice.


And now you're telling me fair market value is done 30 days after the lease ends! Meaning 4 sprint employees have told me 4 different things!


And this isn't the first time I've had issue with Sprint's employees saying one thing just to have sprint do something else. It's dishonest and disrespectful to their customers.

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Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be

marked141a. We are sorry for the missinformation provided. The Purchase Price Option is set at the time that you sign your lease. This price doesn't change throughout your lease term, which means that if the lease is canceled early the PPO amount will be the same as the one when you started the agreement. 30 days after your lease term is over, the price of the phone will be equal to the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the phone at the time you choose to buy it, however, it can be higher or lower than the Purchase Price Option. When the Lease agreement is closed to its end date, we add a note to your invoice on the Equipment Payment Schedule section letting you know that the Lease is about to end or a message is sent you. Please go here for more info.   

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Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be

Additionally, when your Flex lease is at end of term, usually 18 months, you can purchase the device with 1 payment or you may be eligible to buy with 6 monthly installments. The good news is even though the PPO doesn't change, the buy now price will be listed on your Account section of the MySprint app.  If the FMV is higherthan you PPO at the time you reach end of lease, you will be presented the lessor of the two for the Own it price. 


Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be



I have purchase sprint leased mobile (Second hand - Samsung J3) from local market almost 2 months back. I had no idea that owner didn't cleared the leased amount. Now my phone is locked and asking for password. 


What should I do now? 




Javed Hirani - Pakistan


Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be

Good morning jhirani. If the phone that you bought hasn't been paid off, we wouldn't be able to unlock it. I would get in contact with the person you bought the phone from and see what they're able to do.

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Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be



Please note that I bought the phone from local market in Karachi, Pakistan. The mobile shop person sold it to me for Rs. 10,000 PKR. What should I do if I didn't find the actual person so leased it from Sprint and sold it out without paid off? Please help me to unlock the mobile. 




Javed Hirani


Re: Sprint isn't what it used to be

The person that had the phone originally would need to pay off the phone and request the unlock. Here is the unlock policy for information.



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