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Sprint third-party store scam me


Sprint third-party store scam me

Hello, so I leased the iPhone x 64G back in 11/16/2017 under sprint flex program. One of the staff in Sprint store (4733 Clairemont Dr. Unit F San Diego, CA 92117) assisted me for the setup and everything, and he asked me to pay a down payment and activation fee. However, my lease is about to end now and I want to own the phone. They told me that they couldn't find any down payment transaction from my Sprint account, but they do find the transaction for the activation fee. I have the proof in my bank statement regarding the down payment which is 258.61. Now I have the option to pay 249.93 to own the phone, which doesn't make sense to me. Because down payment (258.61) + 18-month device fee (41.67) + 249.93 is more than the phone's retail price (999 + tax). I have visited the store and called customer service trying to resolve the problem, but they just can't help it. So now in order to own the phone, I have to pay an extra 249.93. It's just disappointing.  


Re: Sprint third-party store scam me

At the end of the lease, there will always be a fee to own the phone. This would happen even if there is a down payment. I understand that you're seeing that it's equaled out to more than the cost of the phone, which it shouldn't. I'm happy to review the account the lease. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information.





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Re: Sprint third-party store scam me

I had similar incident at store in whitestown Indiana.  They too scammed me in signing up with Sprint.   They offered me extra $100 credit per line from Manager if I sign up that specific weekend.   I was to get credit in 60 days and it never showed up.  Stay away from Sprint in general.  Their customer service is worst and won't do anything else then to tell me to go back to store and talk to them.   I have talked to them so many times and the manager is now avoiding me.   One of the employees told me I am Banned from the store now.   I ban Sprint and porting out my 5 lines.

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