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Transfer of lease


Transfer of lease

I transferred my lease on one of the phones that was being used with my account after verifying that it was an option, just for the system to cancel the lease and start charging me ridiculous fees for a phone I'm still currently using. 

Month after month I continue to call to get this fixed and tell them over and over again what I've been told compared to what is happening, I finally get them to reinstate the lease and they say they are altering it so I don't get charged the missing payments due to the system screwing it up, which starts the lease where it left off. 

Wake up one morning to see an outrageous bill and multiple charges on my account concerning this said lease. I try to get this issue resolved and then ask to talk to a supervisor. He tells me I am at fault for everything happening and that I need to pay it and will only give me half of the additional charges. I tell him that I don't want the phone for free but I want the agreement I verbally agreed to carried out like discussed. He tells me again that he will not do that and I need to pay it. I hang up on him after giving him a piece of my mind cause I finally have snapped for him to call me back like I never said anything and be berated for my efforts to be fair. What can I do cause I have been a long time customer, where is it fair that sprint doesn't keep its part of the agreement.

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