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Upgrading In Light of Pending T-Mobile Merger


Upgrading In Light of Pending T-Mobile Merger

Let's say one's lease on a Sprint iPhone is near the end and you have the option to purchase, upgrade or send back the phone to Sprint. 


If you keep the phone or upgrade the phone, either phone will be on the CDMA network. Once the merger goes through in a few months, my understanding is that Sprint customers will be transferred over to the T-Mobile GSM network. 


Does anyone at Sprint have any idea whether accommodations will be made so I can trade in my CDMA phone for a GSM phone as soon as the merger goes through (and could I trade to a different brand)? Certainly this will all be worked out but with a pending upgrade any information would be appreciated!  

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Upgrading In Light of Pending T-Mobile Merger

Hey blackcapricorn! We really wouldn't know until then. Saying one thing now would be more like a guess.

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