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Award-Winning Instinct Lineup Expands With Debut of Samsung Instinct HD



News Highlights:

Sprint and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), announced today the upcoming availability of Samsung Instinct® HD, the latest follow-up to the award-winning Samsung Instinct that debuted last summer exclusively from Sprint.

HD Camera and Camcorder: Samsung Instinct HD provides customers with an attractive and intuitive interface while adding Sprint’s first high-definition 5 megapixel camera and camcorder and TV-out HD capabilities, which allows photo and video playback on an HD capable auxiliary device.

Opera Mobile Web: In addition, the Samsung Instinct provides an enhanced Web browsing experience including a full Opera Mobile 9.7 browser, WiFi capabilities and much more with the high-speed connectivity of America’s most dependable 3G network3 (EVDO Rev. A.)
Availability/Pre-Registration: Beginning Sept. 27, customers will be able to purchase Samsung Instinct HD at Best Buy, Sprint’s exclusive national retail partner. It will then be available Oct. 11 in all Sprint company-owned retail channels, including Web ( and telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) for $249.99 with a new two-year service agreement after a $100 mail-in rebate (taxes and service charges excluded).


David Owens, a Sprint director of consumer acquisition, discusses the Samsung Instinct HD..


SamsungInstinctHD_166x300.jpg SamsungInstinctHD160_300.jpg


Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product development, Sprint:

“When Instinct was announced last summer it received tremendous praise from our customers and showcased the power of application integration and a world class user-interface. Instinct HD adds to that legacy with the addition of a host of video services that are unmatched in the industry,”

Omar Khan, senior vice president of strategy and product management, Samsung Mobile

”The Samsung Instinct HD ups the ante with the full Opera Mobile 9.7 Web browser, WiFi connectivity and a 5 megapixel camera and camcorder that allows the user to take high resolution pictures and HD-quality video.”

“What sets Instinct HD apart even more is the ability to view those pictures and video on your HDTV or other HD compatible monitor through the device’s HDTV out connection. These improvements raise the Instinct handset portfolio to a whole new level.”

Jude Buckley, chief merchant and marketing office, Best Buy Mobile

“We are excited about adding the Instinct HD to our ever-growing assortment of smartphones at Best Buy.”

“Last year’s launch of the original Instinct was a big win for Sprint and Best Buy and, most importantly for the customers we serve together. We expect the same from the Instinct HD. Bringing this latest smartphone to our table will offer customers even greater choice and options as they look to upgrade to a smarter phone.”

Go Green with Sprint

Customers looking to upgrade to Samsung Instinct HD should consider recycling their wireless device. Sprint is the industry leader in the reuse and recycling of wireless devices sold. Sprint has an aggressive industry-first goal of reaching a 90 percent phone collection rate for reuse/recycling compared with annual wireless device sales by 2017. To learn more about wireless recycling visit Sprint’s wireless recycling Web site.

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My Instinct was a smartphone when I bought it.

Still looks good, kind of pricey. Can't wait to see more information, perhaps a couple of screenshots if you can.  The keyboard in portrait mode.Processing power and such would benefit us current Instinct owners...I've seen the rest already...

Looks good Samsung, looks real good...


Looks nice, but what's under the hood?  $250 is a little high.  Then again I'm not the only one thinking that way.


I have Free & Clear Family Plan 500 with data unlimited (Sprint Power Vision Pack).  Is my plan a fit if I buy the Instinct HD?  Or do I need to get an entirely new plan?


Well I have to wait for the full specs to make an opinion


I have Free & Clear Family Plan 500 with data unlimited (Sprint Power Vision Pack).  Is my plan a fit if I buy the Instinct HD?  Or do I need to get an entirely new plan?

Yes , for the Everything Share


Sorry, I meant, yes you have to change your plan for the Everything Data Share


I wonder if it has a big screen and a good camera?   You could almost play a drinking game to mention of those items in that video......

$250?!!!  Yikes!  For zero application development?  Sure its a nice camera and screen, but is it capacitive? multitouch? is the keyboard just as frustrating?


Notice the video is edited so no transitions are seen, thus demonstrating same processing speed as Instinct. Probably nothing that amazing compared to the Instinct. I mean really, the guy has an HD in his hand, why not show it off a bit more. I foresee a flop.


I now have to say that I don't think I will be getting the HD. The pricetag is not worth a feature phone that should have been this good last year. I am actually dissappointed now. Guess I have to wait on the Q and Hero to make a decision even though I was fine with Brew OS.


I cant wait for this new phone! As a owner of the original Instinct that I have had for over a year with no problems and many hours of enjoyment I am more than happy to shell out $250 for the new model. Just got the Mifi mobile hotspot, so far so good!


I've been on a few sites that talk about the Instinct HD, and I think it has some great improvements. I went to Samsung's site to read about the phone and some of the features, with some of the impressing points being the multimedia and accellerometer. I'll be the first to admit that not everyone is going to like/want the new Instinct, but I'm willing to give credit where credit is due. It looks like a great, sharp phone and I can't wait to get my hands on one to play with it.


I think sprint should lower the price for loyal longtime customers and those who have the original instinct and have had to deal with all the problems of the original.I am very interested in this phone but at the cost will have to wait to get it. and yes i am ready for an upgrade but even with that discount the phone will have to wait.


i bought this phone yesterday..i want 2 know why doesnt it play mp3 ringtones or youtube videos..why have youtube as an app when u cant even view their videos?????!!!!!!!!!!!!


I checked the all the features, for the price I give Sprint a 50/50,(I know that the previous versions of the Instinct are like "so,so" but I evaluated this based on the features)so here we go. Features that makes the Samsung Instinct to have this price of 249.99 are :

-5 megapixel camera


-Tv output

-HD camcorder


-Also has Worldtime,Stop watch & full HTML with the latest Opera  browser.

-Stereo bluetooth headset enable

-Touch screen (remember that touch screen feature rise the price on the phone)

So based on this Im sure that the 259.99 is quite reasonable but since its missing a real O.S. (because BREW its not really an O.S) the price has to be lower from $50 up to $100 from the 249.99 with mail-in rebate


You know Im beginning to think that the real name of the Instinct Q it will be Samsung Intrepid, what do you think guys?


Well Well Well...I must say, this upgrade from the original Samsung Instinct has been a pleasent one.

The Everything the M800 should have been, and then some.

Samsung really went out of it's way to impress for sure, but press reviews have been focused on the pricing so much that many aren't seeing what improvements have been made. ( hey they made these improvements BUT IT COST THIS MUCH !!!!! )

Big stumble on releasing the new HD overlooking ( again ) the battery issue, but Sprint was quick in addressing this without notification.  Trying to kill my battery last night and it stayed on 20% for over 3 hours, but at this point in the cycle the accelerometer is shut off already, prolonging the lifeline of the battery, but for the entire time I had my music playing in the backround, KBtranslator opened, and the web browser going...yes, all 3 at once.thanks to the new built-in app manager. Is my phone smart yet?

Ending a phone call can become confusing at first, because when you go to hang up the call you'll notice your screen is already off, making you think something is wrong, then the screen appears again.  Loving the proximity sensor.

Improved auto-correct for when you mispell words while texting, a 360 degree accelerometer, and an independant speaker on the back of the phone so loud you almost can't believe it's on the back. Now I can hear loud and clear the ' Say a command ' lady when pressing voice command, or hearing the navigation lady when giving directions on the improved navigation app built in, very nice indeed. The speakerphone is the loudest I've heard on any phone, and even the TV just looks better, due to the improved processing power on my bigger screen ( with capacitive touch )

Opera Mobile 9.7 is impressive, ( like having multipal webpages open impressive ) fast, and even faster on wifi, emails come through almost immediately, and little things like face detection or smile shot on the new 5.0 megapixel camera are just some of the things people aren't hearing about.

Yes they improved customizing on this phone. Changing the menus to a list view or icon view, being able to arrange icons where you want them, in either view, independant icons even ( not just the same old gamepad icons like before ) or how about your wallpaper showing behind every menu. Then there's themes and gestures, and previews of emails, news stories, weather, and text that you can even swipe through without ever actually opening Any of them...the little things, they mean so much...even mean more when reviews overlook every one of them. The pricing, that's what it was, and nobody could really get past that.

Well...Best Buy is selling this phone for 129.99, lower than the new android phones out there, and if you we're one, like myself, who believed the Instinct could be So Much More, your right.

I find it funny when people will go out of there way to show me how good a stand alone HD camcorder can look when shooting videos, laugh because they're comparing to a phone that can record HD videos and so much more. Like playing games like Mrs. Pac Man using the accelerometer, or even watching movies on my phone with such clarity in colors, and no hesitations. Even looking at my phone on a sunny day isn't a pain anymore with the addition of the ambiant light sensor and it's auto brightness built right in, like it knows.

Little things, you know?... Like English or Spanish as an option for language on the phone at any time.

Pleasure owning this device, And thank you to Samsung for making all the improvements, and thank you Sprint for your great service and not hesitating to back such a great phone.

Your not hearing much from us new HD owners, that's gotta make you feel good, eh Sprint?



I'd never recommend this phone to anyone I know.

  I've had the phone for sometime now, and I am so ready to get rid of it.

I have had it replaced once so far... which isn't that bad.

but after some time of owning the phone, it starts to have a really bad lag, and freezes and restarts all the time.

I constantly calibrate the screen because the texting keyboard messes up a lot. The Internet is slow as hell. and there's not zoom on the camera! I mean come on, its 2010. (it was what.. 2008.. 2009 possibly when the phone came out; but still, if you have a camera, there needs to be a zoom!) there's no messenger, for those people who love being on messenger, the e-Mail logs itself out when it wants, and the notifications for a new e-Mail eventually goes away, and the Internet closes when it wants to aswell.. and if you have it on auto-Lock and restart your phone, and forgot you need to unlock it, and try unlocking it when you get a text, good luck! My number pad won't go away, and it takes AGES to get the screen that even says "Entering Sprint Service Area!" like Come On! Also, when you send picture messages it takes forever for it to go through. Loading a video on any website (ex. YouTube, Facebook, etc.) it takes forever to pop up, and half the time there's a problem and won't load, so you just wasted part of your life trying to watch a video that you will never be able to watch. and also when you take pictures, if gives the pictures random names eventually for your memory card, so it saves in random order, which is a HUGE pain when you want to review a picture that you just took..

but when you first get the phone, it works so good. it just falls to crap..

I do not recommend this phone for anyone.

id give it 1 out of 5 stars..