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Bay Area Prepares for the Launch of the Sprint 4G Network on Dec. 28


The official debut of Sprint 4G is coming to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley and other cities throughout the Bay Area on December 28, 2010, but today we bring you the latest installment in the 4G video series. 

This video helps demonstrate the many advantages of Sprint 4G, including the variety of devices compatible with the technology.

Here are a few tips for Bay Area residents to use Sprint 4G, especially when navigating through the busy holiday season:

  • Want to send holiday cheers to your loved ones across the country? Access video chat apps, such as Qik or Fring on your HTC EVO™ 4G or Samsung Epic™ 4G phone, to talk face-to-face.

  • Did you find the perfect gift for your significant other but want to stay within your budget? Use Scan Life bar code scanning app on your Sprint phone to find the best prices for your holiday gifts.

  • Want to get out of the city to avoid the hustle and bustle of people buying and returning gifts during the holiday rush? Various navigation apps will help you check traffic with speed and ease and offer ways to avoid congested areas.

  • Healthy eating may be thrown out the window during the holidays, but don’t fret. Get back on track on Jan. 1 with health and fitness apps such as Diet Watcher Cookbook (search for millions of recipes, lists nutritional facts); Fast Food Calorie Counter; Cardio Trainer (training partner for running, cycling, hiking, and other fitness activities); Yoga Trainer Lite; and Exercise TV. Help your mind stay fit, too, with such games as Sudoku and Brain Strain 2 Lite.

  • “Free Wi-Fi Available Here” signs need no longer bind you to the coffee house. With the Overdrive™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless, you can connect a laptop or any Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet virtually anywhere, such as downtown San Francisco, Palo Alto or San Jose, at speeds that are up to 10 times faster than 3G.

  • Looking for a great sushi restaurant for your important client in town? No problem! Use Sprint 4G to instantly find a nearby restaurant with the app OpenTable and book a reservation within seconds.

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