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Businesses partner with Sprint for wireless innovation


This year, the International CTIA Wireless trade show in Las Vegas was buzzing with exciting business news from Sprint’s Integrated Solutions Team.

Key takeaways that resonated with the media and attendees at CTIA included:

• Sprint’s Emerging Solutions Group has demonstrated its leadership in this space and expanded its base of strategic M2M partnerships since its launch in October 2009.
• Today there are 2.4 million M2M and embedded mobile computing devices operating on Sprint’s mobile broadband network.
• According to ABI Research, it is predicted that revenue from these products in markets such as consumer, government, energy and utilities, and healthcare could grow 250% by the year 2013.
• As part of its open platforms approach, Sprint supports applications innovation by providing applications developers with robust collaborative tools and greater network access than any other carrier.
• Sprint has exposed more than 300 APIs (application programmer interfaces) for developers and the company’s developer sandbox offers access to 4G as well as 3G tools.
• Businesses turn to Sprint to combine technology and applications, develop transformative business models and generate return on investment.

For those of you who want to know about the hottest embedded/M2M business offerings announced by Sprint at CTIA, here are the show highlights:

• Lenovo announced that they are focusing on small and midsize businesses with the March 23 introduction of the ThinkPad Edge laptops, which offers 14- and 15-inch displays and Sprint 3G and 4G mobile broadband. Lenovo laptops come with a SIM card already installed, making it easy for customers to connect to the Now Network. “This might be the most attractive piece of gear for road warriors who want the widest possible options between existing 3G CDMA service and faster/cheaper 4G WiMAX,” said Doug Mohney, contributing editor for TMCnet.

Sprint CTIA 2010 Business 4.bmp-- The Journal

“Sprint talked up its emerging solutions unit, which is focused on forging so called “machine-to-machine” (M2M) partnerships. The idea from carriers such as Sprint is to also connect devices as well as people.”                  
                                            -- Managing Automation

“M2M and embedded mobile computing have revolutionized business efficiency across many industries and millions of such devices are operating on the Now Network.”                          --

“Devices such as electronic readers, utility meters and patient health monitors already can be designed to send and receive wireless signals.”
                               -- Kansas City Business Journal

“Looks like Sprint’s got some real good momentum going for it at the moment, and next up is an announcement that Lenovo will support Sprint 3G and 4G wireless connectivity in the U.S. across Lenovo’s line of ThinkPad laptops.”
                                                                -- Ubergizmo

“Is there anything better than bringing home a new ThinkPad? Is there anything better than mobile broadband? We guess the answer is yes in both circumstances, as now you can get a Lenovo ThinkPad with both 3G and 4G support.”                                      
-- Hot Hardware

“Not only smartphones are equipped with 4G, laptop makers are also getting in on the 4G action. It became known that the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops in the U.S. are going to support Sprint 3G and 4G wireless. Now ThinkPad models are equipped with 3G and the company will offer laptops
with 4G.”                                             --

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