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Can you top this story about the rugged reliability of Nextel Direct Connect?


Jeffrey Cushing of Atlanta accidentally ran over his Nextel Direct Connect phone with his truck.

It still worked.

Cushing, an information technology manager, was so impressed that he contacted Sprint and asked if he could tell his story. We made a video of Cushing describing his mishap and his newfound appreciation for the durability and reliability of Nextel Direct Connect push-to-talk phones.

Firefighters, law enforcement and many other first responders rely on the Nextel Direct Connect technology allowing them to connect with colleagues in less than a second.

Other workers, family and friends also use the service that is great for quick "get in/get out" conversations needed to obtain answers, share information, coordinate projects or make quick decisions.

Sprint remains committed to supporting customers who rely on the Nextel National Network – the fastest national push-to-talk network and largest push-to-talk community.

In recent months Sprint has expanded the choices of Nextel phones to include the Motorola Debut i856, the first slider phone offering push-to-talk service, and the BlackBerry Curve 8350i Smartphone, which offers Direct Connect in addition to the other applications and functions that have made Blackberry phones so popular.

More information about these Sprint Nextel push-to-talk services is available at

Not every Direct Connect user has shared Cushing’s experience in putting their phone to such an extreme test. But many more share his enthusiasm for the service.

Tell us your story about how you rely on Nextel Direct Connect.