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Carrier billing now available on Sprint Android phones


Sprint Android users now can easily charge their Android Market purchases to their monthly Sprint bill with just a few clicks. With this new payment method, users will find it easier to purchase applications of their choice.

Android Carrier Billing on Sprint.JPG

Google has been rolling out Direct Carrier Billing to all Sprint users over the past several days, with full roll-out expected to be complete in the coming days. The feature will be available on all Sprint Android phones except the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment.

For Android users, carrier billing means the apps they purchase from Android Market will appear on their on their monthly Sprint bill. It’s an alternative to entering credit card info to purchase an app (although that is still an option too).  

For developers, providing users with simple and fast payment methods, like carrier billing, makes it easy for users to purchase and pay for their applications quickly.

Android Carrier Billing 2 on Sprint.JPG

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