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EPA and Sprint Promote Green Design and Improved E-Waste Management


Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO

“The time to act is now. Incorporating sustainability into every part of your business isn’t just a “nice thing to do. It’s a business imperative. That’s all the more apparent when you consider that technology companies like Sprint are in a unique position to drive innovation that can help solve many of the world's most difficult sustainability challenges.”

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E-waste is the largest growing waste stream in the country. Americans generate 2.5 million tons of e-waste a year…more than enough to fill a line of dump trucks from our nation’s capital to Disney World. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates 140 million cell phones -- 65,000 tons -- are discarded in the U.S. each year. Some are shoved into drawers and closets, others end up in landfills. Today, only about 10% of those are collected for reuse or recycling.

On Wednesday, July 20 at the site of Round2, a certified recycler, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse joined EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, CEQ Chair Nancy Sutley, GSA Administrator Martha Johnson and Dell CEO Michael Dell to sign a National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship. Those supporting the strategy commit to strict recycling practices and will encourage consumers and businesses to handle their own e-waste more responsibly.

Sprint’s commitment with the EPA is just an extension of what Sprint has already been doing as part of its own Electronics Stewardship Policy.  Sprint has set aggressive e-waste goals, among them to collect nine phones for reuse or recycling for every 10 sold by 2017.  To date, Sprint has collected more than 25 million mobile phones - keeping them out of landfills, helping to conserve resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preventing air and water pollution.

Through the release of the EPA report, the federal government says it will:

•          enhance the development of more efficient and sustainable electronic products;

•          direct federal agencies to buy, use, reuse and recycle their electronics responsibly;

•          support recycling options and systems for American consumers; and,

•          strengthen the US’ role in the international electronics stewardship arena.

Sprint has been a wireless leader in environmental sustainability for years. This year Newsweek magazine ranked Sprint No. 6 on their list of America's 500 Greenest Companies, up from No. 15 in 2010.

You can help:

Sprint's wireless recycling programs help to prevent thousands of tons of wireless equipment from entering the waste stream.

Sprint Buyback

Sprint Project Connect

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