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Get Sprint 3G/4G access for a day, week or month with no long-term contract on HTC EVO View


Starting today, Sprint customers have the option to pay for data access on the Sprint 3G and 4G networks using the HTC EVO View tablet by the day, week or month with no long-term contract. Customers can choose the 3G/4G Day, Week or Month pass that fits their needs:

  • Day: $14.99 for 150 MB of on-network usage in a 24-hour period (includes 50 MB off-network roaming usage)
  • Week: $29.99 for 500 MB of on-network usage in a 7-day period (includes 100 MB off-network roaming usage)
  • Month: $49.99 for 1.5 GB of usage in a 30-day period (includes 150 MB off-network roaming usage)

These options are available for both businesses and consumers.

And there are no overage charges to worry about. Once you hit your data limit, or the end of your day, week or month, the data access automatically turns off.

More Value

Sprint delivers more value than similar offers from the competition. Sprint includes 4G usage, unlike Verizon. And Sprint offers more data at the same prices as Verizon and AT&T:




Day Pass







Week Pass







Month Pass







(prices exclude taxes and fees. Comparisons as of 08/22/2011)

How to Get It

3G/4G day, week and month passes are available for use with an HTC EVO View purchased at full price without a monthly Mobile Broadband plan.

Follow these steps to set up your device with a data pass:

  1. Select the Sprint Zone icon on your device
  2. Select Activate My Device
  3. Choose New Customer then hit next
  4. Choose “No Commitment” when given the purchasing choices or Enter Promo code if you wish to use your Free Day Pass.

Customers can purchase an HTC EVO View at any Sprint store.

Connect Free for a Day

For a limited time, customers can experience a free day of Sprint 3G/4G access on their HTC EVO View. Just enter promo code Free Day when picking your service.

Coming Soon to More Devices

Sprint plans to launch additional Mobile Broadband devices that can take advantage of these new 3G/4G Day, Week and Month passes later this year.

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