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Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better: Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless Gets a Makeover


The award-winning Overdrive™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot from Sprint is new and improved with the release of the latest firmware update (version 2.06.06), available beginning Wednesday, June 9.

Overdrive creates a connection between the Sprint 4G network and virtually all of the hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi®-enabled electronics devices owned by or available to customers today.  Overdrive connects up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously – including laptops, gaming devices, cameras and even smartphones from other carriers – through a single connection (via Wi-Fi), to a network that is up to 10 times faster than today’s 3G speeds from any national wireless carrier1.

The update provides significant improvements to the device, including:

Improved device stability, eliminating all known freeze-ups and lock-ups

Wi-Fi enhancements that improve Wi-Fi stability and eliminate Wi-Fi disconnects and crashes

Significant improvement in 3G & 4G WAN stability, eliminating most 3G and 4G disconnects

Some improvement in overall battery life and battery life in poor coverage; for more information on how to improve battery life, see the “Overdrive Battery Tips” document on DSP

Faster boot-up time (10-12 seconds faster)

Improved response time when changing the WAN Mode setting - time savings of approximately 1 minute, 20 seconds; no reboot required (includes switching from 3G to 4G and vice versa)

Tool Tips added to GPS settings screen to help the users understand the GPS settings

Faster response time after canceling an operation on the Advanced Settings screen (device reset is no longer required; offline time decreased by 1.5 minutes)

The ability to now enable or disable the microSD card and the TRU-install™ feature in addition to DataLink support

To obtain the new firmware upgrade, either manually check for updates (through the Overdrive browser interface), or download the file from

Following are the steps to manually check for updates:

1)      Connect to Overdrive via Wi-Fi (ensure that it is plugged into AC power)

2)      Go to http://Overdrive

3)      Log in as “administrator” the default password is ‘password’

4)      Click “Advanced Settings”, and on the Basic tab, click ”Check For updates”

5)      Follow the steps displayed on the Web Interface and Device LCD

The Enterprise tool kit  to disable the SD card slot and Driver install is now available on Sierra Wirelesses’ Enterprise IT site:

Please note:

To access this link on Sierra's web site you will have to register and log-in

You must have the Overdrive tethered to a laptop in order to use the tool

Stay in touch with Sprint at and

1 “Up to 10x faster” based on download speed comparison of 3G’s 600 kbps vs. 4G’s 6 Mbps. Industry published 3G avg. speeds (600 kbps-1.7 Mbps); 4G avg. speeds (3-6 Mbps). Actual speeds may vary. Sprint 4G currently available in over 30 markets and counting, and on select devices.  See for details. Not all services available on 4G and coverage may default to 3G/separate network where 4G unavailable.