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Kyocera Echo from Sprint Gets Gingerbread Update


[UPDATE 2, 2:02PM CDT 8/10: Sprint will restart the Gingerbread update to Kyocera Echo users beginning today (August 10). In an effort to provide the best possible customer experience, Kyocera and Sprint have addressed a previous issue with the update raised last week. The Gingerbread update will provide Kyocera Echo users with performance enhancements including faster response, improved power management, enhancements for gaming, and more. See below for full list of new features and enhancements.]

[UPDATE: The over-the-air push of the Gingerbread update was started yesterday, which provides performance enhancements for Kyocera Echo customers. A handful of customers have reported issues as a result of the upgrade, so we have suspended the update to ensure the best experience for our customers. Sprint and Kyocera product managers are investigating these reports. Any customers who have experienced an issue should visit their local Sprint store. Further communication will be posted here, and we apologize for any inconvenience.]

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Kyocera Echo from Sprint will receive the Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, update through an over the air maintenance release beginning on Monday, August 1.

Sprint will send update notifications to users in waves. The notification will let users know the update is available and provide the simple two-step, over-the-air download instructions.

1.    Users will receive a notification that Android 2.3 is available for download

2.    Once the user has downloaded the update, they will be prompted to install the update. The user will be notified that their device will be disabled during the installation process. The phone will be ready to use once the process completes.

Can’t wait to get the notification?

For existing users who just can’t wait to get Android 2.3, there will be an easy user initiated option to download the upgrade starting on Monday, August 1. To access the update - from the home screen/Settings/System Update/Update Android. This will initiate the upgrade process.

The software release upgrades Kyocera Echo to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. This version of Android improves download management through the Downloads application, offering the user easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application. It also implements Swype 3.0 adding two new capabilities: Tap Correction and Horizontal Word Choice List (predictive text).

Specific to Kyocera Echo, this software release will install Eco Mode, a new pre-loaded app that helps the user manage battery power life on the device. The user can pre-set a point at which the phone will go into a low-power consumption mode. When in Eco Mode, the phone will change various settings automatically, such as Screen Timeout, Display Brightness, Wallpaper, Auto-Sync, Haptic Feedback, and Auto-Rotate Screen so that the phone conserves power. The user can select which of these settings are implemented in Eco Mode.


Do not install this update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When you run this update it bricks your phone.


And you know this how?  The upgrade hasn't been released yet! 


i down loaded the update twice... the first time when i clicked install now... nothing happened... the next time it stopped after 30% and now when i goto  check now it says now "no update availible" did sprint pull it bc of all the "bricking"


I kind of find it difficult to believe all of this "bricking" when the update hasn't even been officially released.  In several published reports, Sprint will be notifying those with ECHO's that the upgrade when it is available.....and those that force the upgrade are at their own risk.  SO, that said, the update isn't even officially available and none have been notified.....and there is "bricking" occuring.....sounds quite fishy to me. 


i dont understand why some ppl say its not official.... if you look to the right of this forum it states "kyocera echo from sprint gets gingerbread update" thats official... and it also states that if you cant wait for the days, bc some are supposed to get it first with notification, but otherwise go into settings and get it manually.... that makes it official... so its not fishy... its just not ready due to technical issues...   mine, on the otherhand, didnt brick my phone... it just did nothing when i hit "install now" and then i redownloaded and it stopped at %30... my only assumption is they pulled the update bc if you read other forums about the update all you read is all negative and how sprint is replacing phones free.. so yeah its "officially ready" but not officially


Everything I read earlier stated that you would be notified.  Personally, I'd wait.....why risk it?  As for "kyocera echo from sprint gets gingerbread update"...I have read that about other phones too and nothing ever happened...the update never came out.  So, I count official as when I receive the notice....nothing sooner.


well thats true..l see your point... never the less... when i go into get it manually it tells me no update availible... as opposed to before when i went 3xs before, it said update availible and blah blah blah..


would any recomend the kyocera echo


poptarz.....I would.  It's a nice phone.  I've had mine for a while now and it has really good reception and a lot of nice features!  The Android O.S. is the least "modded" of any phone on the market and as such, it works very well.  It does have a few quirks, but it is mostly due to user (me) not being patient.  Otherwise, YES!


This update was pushed to my phone by sprint and destroyed it. Now sprint wants to replace my 4 month old $400 phone that they destroyed with a referbished one! Contacted customer suport at 1-866-581-9266 they told me i would have to talk to the insurance people at 1-800-584-3666. the insurance people told me that since the damage was not my fault that sprint would have to replace the phone. Called sprint back and was told i would have to talk to a supervisor, my call was transfered and went to voicemail. My call has not been returned.


Well first off, congratulations to sprint for having awesome plans and service. However, I have been an android user since I got my first G1 developer phone with T-mobile 4 months before the official realease, although the Echo is an awesome phone pre-gingerbread. After the upgrade (finally they made an image that wouldn't brick the phone) I have a severe use of resources, due to the crappy bloatware sprint wants me to have on my phone, and I can't remove it (well I can since I have a image dump from my echo). And no recovery?!?!?!? Come on Sprint, Android users are Android users due to the customizations they can do. I have made a non-bloated and rooted image which is running on my Echo SDK, and wow, what a difference in resource usage! Why do you put this crappy bloatware on my phone? I do not want it! My mom just got an iPhone 4, and there is no bloatware on it, why do I not get the same respect? Fix your image and at least make the bloatware able to be removed, either that or the Android army will make a rooted image with no bloatware for all Echo users, and we will find a way to flash it! If you fix the image, most of us will be happy to have our trash free Echo with no root access. and disabling ADB, that is crappy, you know most interface and syncing software uses ADB. Please fix it, or us innovative Android users that made Android what it is today will fix it for you! AT&T, T-mobile and Verizon have found this out the hard way, work with your Android users, or it will bite you in the butt!

Feel free to contact me!