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Learn about with Begin


There's a  fresh new way to learn for you to learn about what you can do on called Begin. It is a convenient way to learn about all of the options, products, and support services available to you on for you phone.

The Begin page is divided into 5 tabs:

  • Begin - Displays a carousel of different services and features.  Click any of the icons to learn more about that item. 

  • Learn about your phone - Select your phone model and see user reviews, learn more, find accessories, and the latest software for their your phone.

  • Make your phone your own - Browse the various products you can use to customize your phone -  Digital Lounge, Accessories, and  SkinIt.

  • Get help - See how to get help from various support resources including: Top Questions, About your new Device, Community Support, Send us an Email, Chat, Dial *2.

  • About My Sprint & Billing - Learn about the  benefits of registering for My Sprint.

We always welcome constructive feedback, so let us know what you think.

Message Edited by SarahKS on 03-06-2009 09:48 AM