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Learn about wireless digital signage with Sprint-sponsored M2M Webinar


Deliver a personalized message to your customers anytime, anywhere. This is an exclusive invitation for Sprint employees and customers to boost your knowledge of one of fastest-growing market areas of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology in a one-hour Webinar on digital signage Tuesday, June 28 at 1 p.m. CT, presented by Sprint and our partner TMCnet. Click here

Why attend the Webinar? You’ll learn:

•          How digital signage and interactive media reduces costs and enables up-selling opportunities when selling to specific customers

•          How “Social Signage” uses progressive interactive technology and outdoor displays to capture people’s attention with the social networks

•          Why Sprint’s wireless network offers mobility to deliver a complete package to enable rapid deployment

Sprint is the only national carrier that gives you network bandwidth with Sprint 3G and 4G speeds to go with your digital signage solution. So whether you're seeking to provide in-store marketing to promote products, to create video messaging, to deliver up-to-the-minute updates, or to launch mobile advertisements, Sprint has the next-generation network and solutions.

“Using Wireless Digital Signage and Interactive Media to Maximize Customer Engagement” webinar host, Lisa-Anne Uhrmacher, strategic opportunity manager-Emerging Solutions Group, will  introduce executives from Sprint’s M2M partners I.C.G., Popstar Networks and Reach 3D, innovative companies that specialize in deploying wireless digital signage solutions.

I.C.G. and Sprint partner on visually engaging, interactive solutions for companies of all sizes to promote their brands and build captive fans, patrons, customers and others.

Popstar relies on Sprint’s broadband data connectivity to deliver Popstar Wireless Broadband, a solution that allows businesses to deliver rich media content for interactive and passive digital displays.

Tune into the Webinar and you’ll join hundreds technology innovators, business owners and marketing pros who have already registered.  Don’t have time to attend on Tuesday?  No problem, the webinar will be available after the event as well via archive.  You can learn more about Sprint’s M2M signage solutions on our M2M website here or our Retail Signage solutions at