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New Accessories for HTC EVO 4G Transforms the Phone Into a Personal Navigation Device for the Car and Helps Protect the Device While On-the-Go


Once customers get their hands on the award-winning HTC EVO™ 4G from Sprint, they have a hard time putting it down and search for different ways to use their smartphone’s advanced data capabilities while out and about.  Sprint offers a variety of accessories that make it even easier to protect their device and use it while on the road.

Don’t Get Lost Again

When you jump in the car, you won’t have to fumble with a standalone GPS device ever again thanks to the HTC EVO Car Upgrade Kit.  It’s available from Sprint for $59.99 and transforms your HTC EVO 4G into a personal navigation device.

This unique car-kit automatically launches a one-touch interface to HTC EVO 4G GPS navigation software, Footprints and phone dialer, with large, easy-to-use thumbnails in the dialer menu allow for one-click calling when inserted.  You will be able to take a picture of a location and save it through Footprint, then next time you want directions to that location, you will have one-touch access through the Footprint app pic get driving directions.

GPS navigation is a snap with audio turn-by-turn directions.  Navigation options also include Google Traffic Layering to show traffic along your route, and with Google Street View eliminates the guesswork in navigating by showing a ground level look at the route to your destination.  The car-kit can be set up so that the phone automatically pairs with a Bluetooth® headset or speakerphone when the phone is inserted.

Keeping It Safe & Sound

When you depend on your phone, you need to safeguard it.  The OtterBox™ Commuter Series™ is available from Sprint for $34.99 for HTC EVO 4G and provides two innovative layers of protection including a silicone mid-layer wrapped in a polycarbonate shell to help prevent damage from bumps and shock.  Silicone protects the power and volume buttons and silicone plugs flip open for access to the charger/accessory, headset and HDMI jacks.  The dual cameras, speaker and kickstand, as well as proximity and ambient light sensors also remain accessible through the case.

An included microfiber cleaning cloth, installation card and self-adhering clear protective film are also included to help keep 4.3-inch touchscreen scratch-free and looking new.

Other protective cover options include:

HTC Silicone Gels make a nice protective cover to prevent scuffs and scratches.  They are available in black for $14.99 and provide fun and unique styling to help the phone standout in a crowd.

Sprint also offers the Purple Gel for those seeking a more stylish design.  Available for $19.99, the Purple Gel made of an ultra durable gel material that is more rigid and offers greater impact resistance.  It is also more lint and dust resistant than silicone.

Sprint also offers the HTC Custom Phone Covers in a three-color combo kit – Grey, Blue and Red – for $24.99.  These custom covers allow the user to change the phones appearance to match their mood or the outfit they’re wearing that day.

The Body Glove Cover is an ultra thin case in Black with a Silver textured insert.  Its flat back and smooth finish let the phone slip easily into a pocket or purse, and is available for $24.99.

Custom Screen Protectors reduce glare and shield HTC EVO 4G from scratches.  They are easy to fit and apply to the touchscreen and leave no residue when removed.  For only $14.99, the Custom Screen Protectors pack includes two regular and one anti-glare screen protector.

The elegant HTC Custom Leather Case keeps this smartphone on the hip while also protecting it.  The case easily attaches to most belts and stores the phone horizontally for easy access.  It is available for $29.99. 

The best way to share moments captured with HTC EVO 4G’s high-def camera and camcorder is to display them on an HD-capable television, so Sprint offers a 6-foot HDMI Cable for $29.99 that easily plugs into the bottom of the phone making it a snap to watch high-def video stored on the device on an HDTV.

Plantronics BackBeat™ 903 Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones feature Altec Lansing sound technology for rich, full-spectrum stereo music and dual-mic AudioIQ® noise-canceling technology for exceptional call clarity.  These wireless headphones are available for $99.99 and work with stereo Bluetooth devices. They have telescoping and rotating earpieces for a stable and comfortable fit and easily fold for quick storage in a pocket or bag. 

Sprint also offers a wired Stereo Headset that plugs into HTC EVO 4G’s 3.5 mm headset jack for just $29.99.  It features a lightweight and comfortable design, tangle-free cord and exceptional sound quality.  The Sprint Stereo Headset also makes it easy to take a phone call and has built-in controls for answering phone calls, volume adjustments and mute.

More Power Scotty; I Need More Power

When it comes time to recharge HTC EVO 4G, Sprint offers a wide variety of power solutions.

Sprint offers an eco-friendly charging option for the conservation-minded.  The SOLIO Mono Hybrid Charger is a solar-powered charger that can store power from the sun or an electrical socket to recharge a mobile phone anywhere, anytime.  The SOLIO charger includes a large internal Lithium-ion battery that can easily be recharged via included USB cable, AC Travel Charger or solar energy, and retails for $59.99.  It also uses a high percentage of post-consumer recycled paperboard packaging.

For those on the go, Sprint also offers the Sprint Travel Charger Plus for $39.99.  The Sprint Travel Charger Plus is a wall charger that doubles as a portable charger thanks to an internal 1,000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that charges your phone when a wall charger outlet isn’t available.  The charger connects to a power outlet to let users charge their phone and the battery, while they talk and features prongs that fold away for easy storage and travel.

Sprint also offers some classic power solutions, including:

HTC Standard Battery: $44.99

Vehicle Charger: $34.99

All-in-One Vehicle & Wall Charger: $39.99

Don’t Forget Your Memory

The SanDisk Mobile Ultra line of high-performance memory cards provides ultra fast and ultra convenient, high-capacity solutions to shorten the time spent managing music, videos, photos, and games.

SanDisk® Mobile Ultra™ microSDHC memory cards with a pocket-sized SanDisk MobileMate Micro card USB reader for convenient connection to a PC are available in a variety of storage capacities, including:

4 GB memory card: $29.99

8 GB memory card: $49.99

16 GB memory card: $99.99

All prices exclude tax.

For the latest on HTC EVO 4G accessories, visit your local Sprint store or