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New York City Gets a Taste of Speed; Courtesy of Sprint 4G


Getting attention in New York City is not an easy accomplishment.  There is always something happening in the city, and this past week was no exception.  The United Nations was in session.  Fashion Week was in full swing.  The U.S. Open was concluding another championship.  Tough competition, to say the least.


But on Thursday, September 16, a ‘sneak peek’ of Sprint 4G and the allure of blindingly fast network speeds captivated an audience of media, bloggers and industry analysts. The Sprint Executive Briefing Center in midtown Manhattan played host to an event that provided those in attendance an opportunity to experience the power of 4G before the official launch later this year.  On display were the HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, the Overdrive and 4G mobile broadband cards.  Seamless video streaming from both YouTube and ESPN were just a few of the ‘wow’ and ‘now I get it’ moments at the event.

You can check out just some of what they had to say here:


NY Convergence

Light Reading

Matt Carter, Sprint’s president of 4G, and Iyad Tarazi, vice president of development and engineering  addressed the crowd and emphasized the ‘game changing’ abilities of Sprint 4G and the ability to deliver for business was on display in the form of the Calgary Health Care Application – ResMD.  ResMD is a medical imaging app developed by Calgary Scientific that allows medical professionals to access detailed 2D and 3D images, including X-Rays, MRI’s and CATscans of patient results on their 4G device.

The day also included a trip to NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen for a 3G/4G cell site tour.  The 5-story walk-up didn’t deter media from taking advantage of this unique opportunity and tour courtesy of Tarazi and Viet Chu, manager of RF engineering, 4G performance.

For pictures of from the event and the tour check our Flickr Page here.