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New ad campaign - Cut your phone bills or even cut the cord


“Sprint is sweet, and it beat, T-Mobile, you had me sad and blue, So here’s the deal, Yea, T-Mobile here’s the deal. It’s goodbye to you.”

News Highlights:

• Videos -- Sprint has a series of new videos and a new Web site ( intended to amuse and inform about the benefits of Any Mobile, Anytime.

• No more calling circle limits -- These playful songs offer an important message: U.S. consumers no longer need to be suffocated by small calling circles provided by most wireless carriers in order to enjoy unlimited minutes.

• Any Mobile, Anytime (SM) – A new feature of Sprint Everything Data plans that offers customers unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling from the Sprint Network to ANY wireless phone on any U.S. wireless carrier network at any time.

• Cut the cord -- By offering unlimited calling to the people customers call most often – other wireless users – canceling home phone service becomes a viable choice for more people. And it will open the door to wireless data and messaging for some people who have been concerned about the cost of these capabilities.

• Savings for families -- Many families will find Everything Data Family plans with Any Mobile, Anytime especially beneficial. A family of four can get unlimited wireless for each family member for $42.50 per person, excluding Sprint surcharges and taxes.

-- Mike Goff, vice president of national advertising, Sprint.

“Sprint is reaching out to new audiences and changing the conversation of traditional wireless advertising by launching these dynamic viral spots. These entertaining videos encourage viewers to say goodbye to restrictive calling circles and switch to Sprint for greater freedom and savings. This is a fun, viral way to spread the word that Sprint’s Any Mobile, Anytime is the best deal out there.”

Added Automatically:

Any Mobile, Anytime will be added automatically for free for customers already on an Everything Data plan. No need to do anything! Learn more

What others are saying about Any Mobile, Anytime: – “If you were thinking of going cell phone only, this option means you don't have to invest in a ton of minutes to ensure you'll be able to call all the people you want whenever you want.” – “Sprint’s “Any Mobile, Anytime” is now the affordable plan to beat.”

Fierce Wireless – “For consumers, this is a great deal and it definitely outshines competitive plans such as T-Mobile's MyFaves or Verizon's Friends and Family…”

USA Today – “offers unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to the USA’s 250 million cellphone users.”

“If it’s mobile, it’s unlimited”:
Here are two charts providing details about pricing for some of Sprint’s Everything plans.

Individual Plans

Everything Data Plan

Includes Unlimited Wireless to Wireless calls from the Sprint Network to any U.S. carrier
And Unlimited Direct Connect® and Group Connect®

Monthly Anytime MinutesPrice Per Month*
Additional Anytime Minutes for 450-minute plans: 45¢/min.
Additional Anytime Minutes for 900-minute plans: 40¢/min.

Shared Plans

Everything Data Share Plan

Includes Unlimited Wireless to Wireless calls from the Sprint Network to any U.S. carrier

Monthly Anytime Minutes

to share between 2 lines

Price Per Month*
Add-a-Phone (lines 3-5): $19.99/mo. per line
Additional Anytime Minutes for 1500-minute plans: 40¢/min.
Additional Anytime Minutes for 3000-minute plans: 25¢/min.

**Monthly charges exclude taxes, Sprint Surcharges [incl. USF charge of up to 12.9% (varies quarterly), Administrative Charge (up to $1.99/line/mo.), Regulatory Charge ($0.20/line/mo.) & state/local fees by area]. Sprint Surcharges are not taxes or gov’t-required charges and are subject to change. Details:

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