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Protect your Voicemail Inbox with a Strong Passcode


The security of individuals’ voicemail inboxes has been in the news a lot recently, and Sprint wants you to feel confident that your voicemail messages are secure. When you activate your voicemail inbox you are required to establish a passcode. It is important that you select a strong passcode.

A strong passcode should be a random selection of numbers (at least 4 but up to 10 digits). It should be difficult for someone to guess. You should not use:

•          Simple passcodes; e.g., 1234, 5555, etc.

•          Readily known personal information: zip code, street address, DOB, or the birthdays of family members.

•          Any portion of your phone number.

You can add another layer of protection by using your passcode even when you access voicemail from your handset. (This is the default setting when you activate your voicemail inbox.) Sprint allows customers the choice to bypass their passcodes when accessing their voicemail inboxes from their handsets, but there is a security risk if you choose to do so. Caller ID spoofing, while illegal, allows individuals to mimic calls from your handset and, if you allow your passcode to be bypassed, spoofing your number will allow someone access to your voicemail messages.

Maintaining a passcode – and a strong passcode – can significantly decrease the chances of someone accessing your voicemail messages without your knowledge.

Please visit an information page on our website for more information.