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Samsung Galaxy Tab Early Reviews Are In: 'Gorgeous screen...Superfast and a Pleasure to Use'


What do you get when you combine an entertainment device for e-books, movies, music and games with an amazing 7-inch screen and fast and easy access to the Web, video chat and apps in an incredibly portable design? Samsung Galaxy Tab™, the award-winning mobile tablet, now available from Sprint at select Sprint Stores, Business Sales, Web sales and telesales at 1-800-SPRINT1.

What Others Are Saying:

The New York Times'Samsung sweated the details on this thing. The screen is gorgeous. The touch response is immediate and reliable. The whole thing is superfast and a pleasure to use.'

The Wall Street Journal: 'I’ve been testing the Tab for a couple of weeks and I like it. It’s a serious alternative to the iPad and one that will be preferred by some folks. It includes the three most-requested features missing in the iPad: a camera (two in fact); the ability to run Web videos and applications written in Adobe’s Flash software; and multitasking...'

CNET:  'With the Galaxy Tab, Samsung has created a true peer of the iPad--an uncompromising product that stakes out new territory in terms of both design and features.'

PC Mag: 'Fast. Well built with a slick design. Runs almost all Android apps. Supports Adobe Flash 10.1.'

Have you tried the Samsung Galaxy Tab? Tell us what you think?