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Small Businesses: Cut Through the Clutter When Selecting Wireless Services


Sprint just announced a new approach to simplify how small businesses select the best mobile devices and pricing plans to meet their specific needs.

•    They can choose from popular and trusted business devices, including smart phones, Nextel Direct Connect® phones and Mobile Broadband devices.
•    Available pricing plans offer substantial cost savings over comparable plans from AT&T and Verizon.
•    Plans also pack in more value with unlimited Nextel Direct Connect and Group Connect, as well as unlimited as well as unlimited Mobile to Office.
•    Visit (see “Solutions by Business Size” box)

This follows Sprint’s recent announcement of the formation of a Small Business specialty team to sharpen the company’s focus on the rapidly growing small business market segment by dedicating resources, customizing products and developing special offers for small business owners.

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•    Sprint simplifies how small businesses select wireless services\

•    Small business specialty team formation

More info
This podcast with Tom Shaughnessy, managing director of small business at Sprint, describes the formation of the small business specialty team to sharpen Sprint’s focus on this rapidly growing market segment. Tom also talks about the various programs, products and pricing Sprint offers to small businesses.

•  Listen – In this segment, Tom discusses how is Sprint sharpening its focus on small business and how the approach different from past.  He also advises on what services Sprint offers to small businesses and how a small business owner can learn more.

•  Listen – Tom focuses on how a small business can “cut the cord” and take advantage of the benefits of 4G mobile broadband.

•  Listen – Learn more about the pricing plans available for small businesses and what can be found on the Business On Main resource website.

•  Listen – Discover why vertical markets are important to Sprint’s small business approach and why a small business should select Sprint as their communications provider.