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Sprint Accelerates Network Vision Deployment and Announces National 4G LTE Rollout


Dan Hesse, Chief Executive Officer of Sprint

  • “Our progress on deploying Network Vision enables Sprint to extend our 4G leadership and improve the experience for 3G customers.  Our next-generation network and cutting-edge device line-up combined with the industry’s best pricing plans give Sprint customers the best experience in wireless.” 

About a year ago, Sprint told you about Network Vision, our plan to consolidate multiple network technologies into one seamless network with the goal of increasing efficiency and enhancing network coverage, call quality and data speeds for customers across the United States.

Today we are telling you about our progress. It’s going well. As a result of the success and the progress made so far,  Sprint now is targeting completion of Network Vision deployment by the end of 2013—two years sooner than originally scheduled.

Sprint also announced a rapid national roll-out of LTE. Sprint plans to launch 4G LTE on its 1900 MHz spectrum by midyear 2012 and complete the network build-out by the end of 2013.   By the end of 2013, Sprint’s 4G coverage footprint is expected to cover more than 250 million people.

Dan Hesse, chief executive officer of Sprint, and other Sprint executives presented this information on Oct. 7 during a 4G Strategy/Network Vision Update event in New York.

What does this mean for Sprint customers? Many things. But here are a couple key points:

•          3G Network Improvement:  Sprint expects an improvement in customers’ 3G network experience, including expanded coverage, improved network reliability, better voice quality, and faster 3G data speeds. Based on forecasts of data demand, Sprint is confident its 3G network will meet customers’ growing data demands.

•          LTE deployment expected to reach 250 million people by 2013: Sprint expects to launch CDMA-LTE devices by mid-2012, with approximately 15 devices coming throughout the year—including handsets, tablets and data cards.  Additionally, CDMA-WiMAX devices, such as the award-winning HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Epic 4G and Nexus S 4G, will continue to be sold throughout 2012. 

Introduction to Sprint Network Vision 

Joe Euteneuer, Chief Financial Officer of Sprint

  • “Network Vision creates a platform for growth and competitive advantage and delivers significant upside potential.  Over the long-term, continued execution on Network Vision as well as other improvements to our core operations are expected to result in overall margin expansion, improved return on invested capital and ultimately, increased value for our shareholders.”  

The 4G Strategy/Network Vision update also addressed several other topics, including Sprint’s introduction of a spectrum hosting business and significant economic benefits that Network Vision brings to Sprint.

More information:

•          News Release: Sprint Accelerates Deployment of Network Vision and Announces National Rollout of 4G LTE


Better hurry up in Puerto Rico because things are in really bad shape ... data speeds under 512kbps, drop calls, bad call quality.... i opened a ticket all sprint can say is that the network is over capacity and there no time frame for the fix.....


I hope and pray that Sprint does the right thing and rolls out EVDO Rev. B...there is almost zero reason not to, especially with all of the iPhone users coming on board! I mean, it's just a software patch to your existing EVDO Rev. A hardware.


This is truly great news, and I applaud Sprint for seeing that LTE, and hopefully the latest and greatest version of LTE, is the way to go.  HOWEVER, and I asked this question on Sprint's Twitter account over an hour ago without a response, what happens to all of us with the formerly cutting edge WiMax devices like my month old Photon 4G?  How long will the WiMax network be active and how will Sprint deal with people with WiMax devices now that they've committed to an incompatible technology that will start rolling out in less than a year, long before our upgrade eligibility now that they've killed the Premier Gold program?  

Helloooooooooooooooo Sprint.........any comments on this?


Honestly, I would be more excited to hear about a wider WiMax rollout. It will be nearly a year and a half before I see any effect from the LTE towers because my phone doesn't support it and I am locked into a contract. Living in Louisville (where, by the way, all the other major networks have their '4G' available already) I am still waiting for decent 4G coverage. In fact, in some areas, I am still waiting for decent 3G and sometimes even 2G coverage. In a metropolitan area! I expect to get what I am paying for.


Read the whole thing or watch the replay on Sprint's Investor site.

They say WiMax devices will still be sold through 2012 and supported past 2013. New WiMax/LTE/3G/WiFi (mobile broadband) devices will be available mid-2012. Of course this is all hinged on the FCC's approval of the LightSquared deal and use of Spectrum. Paying off Federal employees takes time, it's a process, but I'm sure their Lobbyists are working 24/7 to get it done.


@MARKEINKC Good question and a good point. Sprint expects to support WiMAX customers throughout the life of their device. WiMAX devices still will continue to be sold through 2012.Sprint will continue to sell WiMAX devices through 2012. There are no current plans to take down the WiMAX network nor to force customers off of it. Enjoy your Photon 4G. And when you are ready to replace it, you should have some new options to consider.


Thank you for the quick and very helpful response.  Glad to know that there's no "sunset" planned for the Clearwire network, at least for now.


So is this an admission that 4G isn't running completely in the markets they say it is in? Sprint has said that 4G is available in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas market but I live in the suburb of North Richland Hills. I can not get 4G in this suburb but I still have to pay $10 a month for a service they can not provide. Why? Does Sprint expect me to up and move to an area where 4G is available so I don't feel like I'm wasting my money?


Does this mean that sprint will continue installing WIMAX until the end of 20012.  I live in Milwaukee and we do not have WIMAX available.


No. Their focus and investment will be in LTE. Otherwise they would continue to sell WiMax phones beyond 2012.


Also, if you have a 4G phone (like me), your phone will never get 4G and you will have to buy an LTE phone when that rolls out. And, you did not have to buy 4G phone that required $10/month extra charge.


You are not paying that extra $10 for 4G, it is required of any smartphone device including the new Iphone which is a 3G only device.


Since this is going to be LTE on 1900 instead of 850 (the lower end), and since WiMax STINKS at this frequency in penetratiing buildings, does it also mean that LTE will be just as bad? I live 1000 ft from a WiMax tower, and it won't even penetrate my house very well. VERY SLOW speeds. I read everywhere on the forums that it's because of the frequency. Can you enlighten me on that?


Where is 4g in Omaha?????  I was promised over a year ago that 4g was going to be here 10 months ago.  I would have never bought my EVO if I knew that.  Then you change my Sprint Premier plan so I can't upgrade out of it. 


It was not required on 3G smartphones, back when I upgraded my phone! Only two smartphones had the 4G feature and both required the $10 extra charge. So, since we were promised the 4G signal, we agreed to pay the $10 extra.


I've had a 4G capable phone (Evo), since a year ago June.  Still no 4G service in my locale and all Spint does is say it is coming.  I tried using 4G in Las Vegas, but it was very spotty.  The phone kept dropping back to 3G and running the battery down.  I don't mind paying for a service, but when does the service arrive?


I also have had a 4G capable phone since it came out, the Samsung Epic 4G. Does this LTE announcement mean that my ability to ever get 4G in my area that matches my phone capability will be NIL? I once saw a 4G signal as I was passing through Cincinnati. My feeling is that Sprint will continue to hose us early adopters. Hence, I will be switching when my Epic contract is satisfied. Currently, 2 of my three phones are out of contract, and I will not be replacing those phones and updating the contracts until I switch.


Sprint is rolling out it's own LTE network, not just using LightSquared's. Although that would benefit us all -- we would have multiple frequencyies for LTE which means better coverage for us.


Wimax is currently on 2500 Mhz.


Share your views. I was considering moving over to another provider even after being with sprint for 10 years. Way to many droped calls. I live in an area in Puerto Rico where there is 4G but the signal comes and goes. I have an Airwrave in the house because there is weak cell service in my area. This doesn't help much because the electricity comes and goes at times leaving me with unstable service weather at home or in the street.

You are right, Sprint needs to do something fast...


the 4G service in my are is about like dial up and thats when I can get a signal


You know, all you people that argue the $10 fee are pretty much blowing smoke. When I purchased my EVO 2 days before the launch, the fee was stated as a 4G data fee and ONLY charged on the 4G devices. Just because Sprint changed their story when they couldn't live up to the demand, and mind you I still have no 4G in San Diego even when they say I do, doesn't change the fact that that was what the fee was for. They can sugar coat it all they want, but now they are just lieing, and their service is slacking. BUT, we get what we pay for. We have the lowest rates for unlimited data and plans, so expect it to suck a little. I've been with Sprint since PCS launched in 1998 and it's the same story, I have also used all 4 major carriers during this time.... they all suck in their own way! You just have to find the one that sucks the least for your needs.


Sprint, Mr. Hesse,

When Sprint rolls out LTE please be sure to also target cities that are the major ones. From the comments i've read, even some in major cities are having inconsistent 4G coverage. Please make sure that 4G is in mid size cities. The Albany, NY market has NO 4G service whereas Verizon Wireless is covered with 4G coverage. As a loyal Sprint customer I would like that fixed with this 4G LTE Rollout!!!!!!!


seriously, i have always recommended Sprint, because i love this company and service. however, in El Paso, TX, there is no 4G service but others are paying the extra 10bucks for 4g capable phones?!?!?!?!? is that fair???? i have overlooked previous Sprint flaws, but this is ridiculus!!!! Sprint is going to add a better service? well, this is that i see... tell me Sprint, why should I (or any other Sprint fan stay with you)?????

Sprint excludes Clearwire's WiMax from network-revamp plans

Struggling wireless carrier Sprint Nextel said  Friday that it will need to raise more money to build a higher-speed  data network and that it will stop selling phones and other devices  compatible with Clearwire's current network at the end of next year,  after it switches on its own network.


The Associated Press

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NEW YORK — Struggling wireless carrier Sprint Nextel said  Friday that it will need to raise more money to build a higher-speed  data network and that it will stop selling phones and other devices  compatible with Clearwire's current network at the end of next year,  after it switches on its own network.

Sprint's stock fell 20 percent. Shares of Clearwire fell 32 percent  after Sprint disclosed details of its new network, known as 4G, for  fourth-generation.

Sprint is Kirkland-based Clearwire's largest customer and majority  owner but doesn't control it. Phones labeled "Sprint 4G" use Clearwire's  network today.

Sprint's stock rose as much as 13 percent early Friday after it  announced its Clearwire news, but the stock reversed those gains after  Sprint disclosed the need to raise more money for the new network and  failed to offer earnings guidance that incorporates the effect of the  iPhone.

Sprint, based in Overland Park, Kan., started taking pre-orders for  the iPhone 4S on Friday and hopes the phone will help the company  recruit and keep customers in competition with AT&T and Verizon  Wireless. Those two larger carriers had been able to lure people with  the iPhone, which Sprint didn't have until now.

But Sprint will pay Apple dearly for the privilege of selling the  phone. An iPhone that Sprint sells for $200 with a two-year contract  costs $600 or so wholesale from Apple. Like other carriers, Sprint has  to count on making up the difference over time through service fees.  Analysts were looking for some clarity on Sprint's math here, and were  frustrated.

At an event for investors and analysts in New York on Friday, CEO Dan  Hesse said the iPhone would over time "be one of our most profitable  devices," but he did not elaborate.

After rising as high as $3.39, Sprint's stock fell 60 cents to close  at $2.41. Clearwire's stock fell 66 cents to $1.39. Earlier in the day,  the shares revisited an all-time low of $1.32 hit in August.

Analysts were perplexed Sprint isn't including Clearwire in its  network-revamp project. Sprint's president of network operations, Steve  Elfman, said the company is already building its own 4G network and will  inaugurate it next summer.

By the end of 2012, it will cover as many people as Clearwire's network does today, and a year later, it will be far larger.

4G technology

Sprint is using a 4G technology known as LTE, for Long-Term  Evolution. Rivals AT&T and Verizon Wireless are using the same  technology. Clearwire, on the other hand, uses an earlier technology  called WiMax. That means today's "Sprint 4G" devices will need to be  replaced to use the new LTE network.

Clearwire has said it plans to build an LTE network in parallel with  WiMax, and Sprint's Hesse left the door open to having Sprint buy access  to that network after 2012. However, Clearwire's finances are weak, and  it would need additional funding to build out LTE.

"I don't think anything fundamentally changed for us after today,"  Clearwire CEO Erik Prusch said. "Sprint is still dependent on us for  their network."

Sprint, like other carriers, needs additional spectrum to keep up  with the long-term growth in wireless-data use, and Clearwire has that  spectrum, he said.

In a testy exchange with Sprint executives, a member of the audience  at the investor meeting questioned why Sprint would risk forcing  Clearwire to seek bankruptcy protection when it owns 54 percent of the  company, and could lose its share of Clearwire's spectrum in a  bankruptcy case.

Sprint executives didn't directly address that possibility, but Hesse  noted that no bankruptcy case involving a wireless company has resulted  in a disruption of service.

Sprint's network revamp will help the company support its iPhone  users with wireless data, Sprint executives said. However, today's  iPhones can use neither Clearwire's 4G network nor Sprint's coming one.

The radio spectrum Sprint is using for 4G is being freed up by the  shutdown of the Nextel network, a process that's set to be completed by  the end of next year.

Sprint bought Nextel in 2005, an acquisition that soon turned  disastrous. Nextel subscribers started leaving, and Sprint was saddled  with the cost of running two incompatible networks.

That has contributed to the company's constant quarterly financial losses since 2007.

"Overall, Sprint appears to be doing the best it can to chart a  course forward, but it is starting out significantly hamstrung by  decisions made in the past," Ovum analyst Jan Dawson said.


I certainly hope my upload and download speed change as right now this STINKS! (speeds reported are in KBPS

Ookla operates using a massive global infrastructure to minimize the impact of Internet congestion and latency. With millions of tests performed every day across hundreds of servers, is the ultimate resource for bandwidth testing and related information. Visit it on your computer today to find out why.


Located right outside of a Sprint store in Round Rock

"2011-10-09 13:49","1xRTT","30.48008","-97.67680",131,196,872,"Austin, TX","",""
"2011-10-09 13:47","1xRTT","30.43788","-97.66775",130,205,874,"Austin, TX","",""


"2011-10-09 13:40","1xRTT","x","x",39,224,859,"Austin, TX","",""
"2011-10-09 13:38","1xRTT","x","x",65,199,880,"Austin, TX","",""

"2011-10-07 20:23","1xRTT","x","x",3902,1134,236,"Austin, TX","",""  <--4g Baseline test
"2011-10-07 19:59","1xRTT","x","-x",66,130,876,"Austin, TX","",""
"2011-10-07 19:57","1xRTT","x","x",67,250,873,"Austin, TX","",""
"2011-10-07 19:49","1xRTT","x","x",66,239,868,"Austin, TX","",""


First off, 2013 is a lifetime in "electronic years", so talking about it now is pointless.

besides it is just a plan, not a guarantee.

Second off, Fix what you got. I would be happy with a DEPENDABLE  2G network.

Without wifi I would have no signal in my home so faster wireless network is meaningless to those of us that can not connect to what you have.

over 20% of my entire work area (the whole county) has very poor to no connection to the network.

I would rather a COMPLETE coverage of 2G on the map to generation 5 or 6g or 7G or...

we dont buy french cars in america because we want to arrive at work every day.

phone dependability is the same.


This is a Joke. After all the money and time spent on investing in ClearWire (Sprint is the majority 54% owner) and the Wi-Max 4G technology, they are just going to abandon it?  Who's running this company? Are they the same bunch that bough Nextel in 2005? I hope not but if it is, this really is a joke.


I switched to Sprint over a year ago looking forward to 4G on my phone and guess what I am still waiting.  I see this in a news article today.  After a year of waiting I think its time to walk away from Sprint and pay the early disconnect fees.  Frist to have the 4G technically out and get beat to the market area by another company is pretty sad Sprint. I am sure glad I paid the extra 10$ 4G access and never got a chance to use it. 

Verizon to fire up its 4G LTE network in C.R. Nov. 17

No comments Dave DeWitte / SourceMedia Group News

Verizon Wireless will turn on its 4G Long Term Evolution network Nov. 17 in the Cedar Rapids area, the company said on Monday, Oct. 10.

The 4G LTE network offers data speeds up to 10 times faster than Verizon Wireless 3G network to users with 4G LTE devices, the company said. In real-world, fully loaded network environments, the company said 4G LTE users should experience average data rates of 5 to 12 megabits per second (Mbps) on the downlink and 2 to 5 Mbps on the uplink.

When customers travel outside of a 4G LTE coverage area, the devices automatically connect to Verizon Wireless’ 3G network, enabling customers to stay connected from coast to coast

The Cedar Rapids 4G LTE network will extend from The Eastern Iowa Airport on the south to Hiawatha on the north. It will extend from Highway 30 exit 246 on the west side of Cedar Rapids to north of Highway 151 on the east side of Marion.

“We are continuing to expand our 4G LTE network across the state of Iowa,” said Seamus Hyland, Verizon Wireless’ president — Great Plains Region, in prepared remarks. “The incredible speed of the 4G LTE network is something that Cedar Rapids residents, businesses and local government need to experience to see how the latest technology will change how we work and play.”

Verizon Wireless introduced its 4G LTE network on Dec. 5, 2010. The company has already expanded the network to cover more than half the U.S. population and plans to continue rapidly expanding its 4G LTE network to its entire 3G coverage area by the end of 2013.

The network will support more than 13 handset devices, Verizon officials said


I am presently not happy with the wireless service. The reliability that is needed for my daily needs is not up to par. Were i do find  favor in Sprint is their customer service. I just recieved a call from a number that is registered with Magic Jack for new users. The person claimed to be from Sprint. Not thinking twice I gave my account info in order to better my service. With the greatest of misfortunes I gave the person the incorrect pin. This person had the nerve to call me back asking for me to give them the correct pin number. Just that very moment Sprint called because there was an attempt to activate a phone on my account but they could not due to the lack of the pin. I give thumbs up to Sprint for their excellent service. Hoping that whatever they are dealing with in relation to general service is resolved. I really don't want to have to move to another service provider but will have no other choice if I can not get reliable service...



According to the information provided at the link I posted above, 3G and 4G-LTE will live happily together. There will not be a seperate 4G rollout. Wherever there is 3G now, 4G will also go live. No more of this messy city by city launch, which excludes fringe areas and smaller cities.


When is 4G gonna hit Iowa City, Iowa???


They do not care if you are a loyal customer.

As soon as my contract is up I plan on going with Verizon.

Since they won't come clean on anything and continue to waste my time and lie to me. I'm going to the FCC for resolution.

I suggest if you have been given the "pass the blame" standard line from them that you contact the FCC


Totally Agree, check posts under my name. It is very frustrating here in Puerto Rico how bad the coverage, data speed and service from sprint we are getting.

They said on December that within the next six months (2012) the 4G will be deployed and the capacity will be upgrade to enhance coverage. If not I can guarantee that with me, my cousin and mother in law Sprint will loose at least 10 phones with Any time any mobile plans (both individual and family) in total approximately $500/month ot $6K/year. May be for sprint that is just peanuts or pennies, but if more people do the same then it becomes six figures $$$$$$$ amounts and you bet the stocks suffers.

So lets wait a bit more to see what happens!!



I'm from PR as well they already lost one of my lines.  3 are still under contract but I'm leaving ASAP.  It's a shame that they have had crappy service for more than  a year.  Horrible slow net, less than 200k , call quality is just as bad.

Sell the PR portion to Metro PCS or something like that... you as a company stopped caring about PR customers long time ago so it seems.



So I just opened an account with Sprint yesterday and chose the Samsung Nexus S 4g. I do believe it is LTE 4G compatible. Will my phone continue to work well past 2013, considering it is a WiMax phone? I'm confused on this.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Your Nesus S 4G will work for as long as you keep it on the Sprint 3G network; We're committed to supporting WiMax service with our parnter Clear through at least 2014; we haven't announced plans beyond that.  However, the Nexus S 4G is not compatible with the new LTE service.

Thanks for your comment!