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Sprint Business Freedom: A perfect mix of wireless services minus long-term commitments


Sprint is giving today’s businesses what they crave: flexibility, choice, and favorable terms.

On July 24, Sprint launches Business Freedom, an unlimited wireless voice and data plan whose value is complemented by the best of our device portfolio but without long-term contracts.

Business Freedom plans are comprehensive, month-to-month, zero-term plans that allow businesses to pool or share minutes without the need for contractual commitments. They can also pool Business Freedom and other Sprint plans on the same billing account.

Business owners can easily adjust their wireless usage as their needs change. For instance, a lawn service provider’s wireless minutes may spike in the summer but drop in the winter. Business Freedom lets the customer choose from a broad selection of Sprint’s business grade handsets, all backed by our industry-leading Business Care team.

Businesses have often postponed investing in long-term mobile solutions for employees during tough economic times. Business Freedom removes the need to wait until the economy turns, letting businesses provide employees the wireless services they need to grow their business today.

“Business Freedom is a flexible set of rate plans that responds to the ever-changing needs of mobile businesses without forcing them into restrictive long-term contract terms,” said Berge Ayvazian, senior consultant-Heavy Reading. “Pooling and sharing minutes while maintaining broad device selection and business grade customer care is a potentially disruptive offering that should get the business market to move.”

For more details on Business Freedom, call 800-777-4681 (800-Sprint-1), click, or visit the nearest Sprint Store.

You can also check out this PDF FIle to see the Biz Freedom Plans for yourself!