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Sprint Capping Data?

Sprint Product Ambassador

You've seen the rumors and leaked memos.  And the official Sprint answer is, Yes.  We are capping data usage.

Being able to manage our wireless network is a big part of our commitment to providing a great customer experience. But, the use of voice and data roaming by a small minority of customers is generating a disproportionately large level of operating expense for the company. As a result, we need to enforce the existing terms and conditions for phone plans. And, we are placing a limit of 300 MB per month on the amount of data use allowed while roaming off network as well as a 5 GB per month limitation on total wireless data usage for Sprint’s connection and phone as modem plans. This limit is well within the range of what a typical customer would normally use each month.

We are taking extensive efforts to make customers aware of the new limits and give them ample opportunity to change their usage habits before exploring any available options under the terms and conditions. While we are committed to providing a quality user experience for all of our customers, managing our costs is critical for the benefit of all of our customers. We want to continue to offer them compelling and affordable plans and services.

As more details become available about how the cap will work or what you as a customer can do about it, we'll let you know.

Thank you,