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Sprint Challenges Wireless Industry To Embrace a Greener Future


CEO Dan Hesse testifies before Senate Commerce Subcommittee on  Communications, Technology and the Internet

News Highlights:

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse will testify later today before Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and members of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet about sustainability initiatives undertaken by Sprint and the wireless technology industry to benefit the environment.

Excerpts from Dan Hesse's testimony:

  • "We are in the midst of a new 'green' era. U.S. consumers and the members of this legislative body are sending a 'call to action' for corporations to act in the best interests of our people and our planet.  Sprint is proud to embrace this opportunity as we make environmental responsibility a cornerstone of our company."

  • "Today I am proud to announce that Sprint is the first U.S. wireless carrier to establish a set of green design criteria for consumer devices. Moving forward every handset vendor who manufactures handsets to  operate on Sprint's networks must produce handsets that meet or exceed Sprint's new green design criteria and specifications."

  • "Working in partnership with our handset manufactures, Sprint has developed an industry-first environmental "score card" to bolster progress toward Sprint's green design specifications. The criteria in the "score card" better enable Sprint and our vendors to gauge the degree to which each handset manufactured complies with our environmental standards."

  • "Sprint has been at the forefront of recycling efforts in the wireless industry. In 2008, we made a public commitment to achieve a wireless reuse and recycling rate of 90% as compared to our device sales. Our current wireless rate at the end of 2009 was just over 40%, well ahead of the industry average.

  • "Today we are announcing the launch of a new, vastly expanded wireless handset buyback program that offers financial incentive, in the form of an instant accout credit  to current and new Sprint customers who can  turn in up to three eligible wireless devices. Sprint's new, expanded Buyback program can  accept all eligible wireless devices, regardless of manufacturer or carrier."

  • "Sprint is committed, for the long-haul, to "green" our business operations, design more eco-friendly handsets, increase industry wireless recycling rates, and remain a leader in our industry."

Sprint's Commitment to Environmental Improvements Across the Business

  • Sprint has established new green design criteria for future devices and accessories
  • Sprint recently announced several new environmental initiatives to support its aggressive environmental goals, including a commitment to reduce GHG emissions by 15 percent by 2017.

Read Dan Hesse's entire testimony

For more information on Sprint programs that protect the environment: