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Sprint Introduces “All. Together. Now.” Ad Campaign


Sprint begins a new advertising campaign today featuring a new tagline: “All. Together. Now.TM” The new campaign builds on the company’s long-running “Now Network” positioning which promotes the idea Sprint customers can get what they want when they want while on the Sprint network. The All. Together. Now. campaign takes the Now Network concept a step further by celebrating the growing importance of what we’re doing with our mobile devices – talking, texting, emailing, posting videos, tweeting and updating their Facebook pages – and encourages even more fun, uplifting social interaction with one another.

National TV ad begins tonight (4/11) in primetime...get an advance look here: Unlimited is Good

A series of images in rapid succession of people doing activities from their phones like sending email, logging onto Facebook, sending notes and pictures, posting videos, finding information online and others engaged in video chat as music featuring the All. Together. Now. tagline is played along with a voiceover that says, “Unlimited is good. And thanks to Sprint you can talk, text, and post as much as you want, for no extra cost. So go ahead world, unlimit yourself.” The song used in the ad, and variations of it that will be used in other elements of the campaign, was originally performed by the Beatles.

Additional TV commercials will be introduced during the next several months and will encourage the audience to call, text or email real people, not actors, who will be prominently featured along with their phone number and email address.

Banner Ads with a Social Element: Happy Birthday Veatrice!

In addition to TV, banner ads will appear online featuring a woman named Veatrice Henson. Veatrice is a Missouri resident who turns 100 in 2011 and the ad encourages viewers to reach out to her directly to wish her a happy 100th birthday saying, “Let’s wish Veatrice a happy 100th, again and again,” along with a window that provides users her actual phone number and email address so they can call, text or email her. It includes the phrase, “If you’re truly unlimited, you can text, email and call all you want.” Of course, Sprint will help Veatrice respond to many of her messages and we hope you’ll join in by wishing her a happy 100th.

To see more go to

The site features a prominent photo of Veatrice, the headline “Let’s wish Veatrice a happy 100th, again and again,” and includes a bar graph showing the actual number of emails, texts and calls to Veatrice. The graph will be updated continually throughout the campaign so we can all follow how many people are participating. Links to additional video and other “Random Acts of TogethernessTM” are also featured on the site along with other unique items for all of us to share, such as “sad potato” or “slo-mo chipmunk.”

And if you’re a Sprint customer with the Sprint Simply Everything® data plan you can enjoy using your phone more without worry because you won’t get unexpected surprises on your monthly bill due to data overage charges or throttling – which is a means of slowing you down – like you might see with plans from other national wireless carriers.  The campaign will appear across TV, print, online and social-media channels.

Executive Quotes

Bill Morgan, senior vice president-Corporate Marketing, Sprint.

  • “All. Together. Now. is designed to celebrate all the things people are doing with their mobile devices on the Sprint Now Network and promotes the idea that people can do more of those activities without wondering if they’ll suffer slower speeds or higher costs as a result of that increased usage.”

  • “The idea is to make social behavior contagious to a national audience and let everyone know that Sprint is the only national wireless carrier offering unlimited pricing plans without data overages or throttling, which means they can use their smartphone or tablet as much as they like while on the Sprint network for something fun like wishing a stranger happy birthday.”

  • “This campaign is socially driven by its nature. “We want people to participate through some of the more traditional vehicles like text and voice, but we also developed a piece on Facebook where people can join together to participate in the campaign as well if that’s a better fit for them.”