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Sprint Launches “Bubble Mania” 3D Video, Providing an Unique Spin on Flash Mobs


Today, Sprint launched “Bubble Mania,” an online video that puts a fresh spin on the flash mob concept. This is the first Sprint online video in 3D – also available in 2D – and documents 10 bubble artists as they surprise an unsuspecting group of children and adults at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

In this video, several incognito park-goers, dressed all in black, create thousands of gigantic bubbles to the great amusement of children and adults visiting the park.

The video showcases the potential of an HTC EVO 3D device and provides inspiration for Sprint users to capture, upload and share their own on-the-go experiences while using 4G speeds.

“Bubbles Mania” can be viewed in 3D by following doing one of the following:

1. Visit on your 3D handheld device, such as HTC EVO 3D, and watch the video without 3D glasses.

2. With red and blue/cyan glasses, visit on any computer, tablet, TV and any other devices capable of viewing YouTube.

3. With active or passive glasses, visit on any 3D capable computer, tablet, TV and any other devices capable of viewing YouTube.

This video ties in with the video series, EVO 3D: Basics of 3D, which provides a funny look at how to make your own videos in 3D such as “How to Act in 3D,” “How to Direct Animals in 3D,” and “How to Cry in 3D.”

Watch “Bubble Mania” and if it inspires you, create your own. Share your thoughts, feedback and video on YouTube, Sprint Community or Twitter using the keyword, #3Dbubbles.

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