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Sprint brings bold innovation to wireless industry


Break Free of Calling Circles with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM and make unlimited calls on Sprint network to 250 million wireless phone numbers, regardless of carrier.

Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint
“Simply Everything and Ready Now were Sprint innovations to make wireless simpler and more worry-free for our customers. We don’t think our customers want to have to keep track of or only talk to friends, colleagues or family members who make the same choices they do.  Any Mobile, Anytime provides unprecedented simplicity and value, so much that many more customers can now consider cutting the cord altogether.”

News highlights:

  • Sprint is introducing an innovative approach to calling plans called Any Mobile, Anytime.
  • Unlimited calls to and from any wireless phone on any network are now included in Sprint Everything Data plans at no additional charge.
  • Any Mobile, Anytime makes it easy for individuals and families to cut the home telephone cord and save money.
  • Starting at $69.99, Everything Data plans include unlimited text, picture and video messaging and unlimited data services such as email, Web browsing, social networking, GPS navigation, Sprint TV, streaming music, exclusive NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile applications and more.
  • Any Mobile, Anytime will be added automatically for free for customers already on an Everything plan. No need to do anything! Learn more


Roger Entner, senior vice president, Research and Insights, Nielsen Telecom Practice.
“The new Any Mobile, Anytime feature should be attractive to the middle market of customers, especially families with multiple lines.  These are people who are likely to be cutting the cord and regularly calling other cord cutters. This is much bigger than a calling circle.  Sprint is removing barriers so that customers don’t have to worry about which wireless network the people they’re calling might use -- and they don’t have to worry about any data constraints either.”

It’s a wireless world:

Research from Yankee Group found that consumers increasingly are clipping their home telephone cords as they trim household expenses. The July 2009 “Consumers Cut Back on Network Spending” report provides these details about the growing trend:

  • Nearly a third already claim their mobiles are their primary home phones
  • Twenty-nine percent of respondents have already cut their land line cords in favor of their always-with-them mobile phones.
  • Another 7% will give up their landlines in the next year.

A copy of Sprint’s print advertisement about Any Mobile, Anytime


“If it’s mobile, it’s unlimited”:
Here are two charts providing details about pricing for some of Sprint’s Everything plans.

Individual Plans

Everything Data Plan

Includes Unlimited Direct Connect® and Group Connect®

Monthly Anytime MinutesPrice Per Month*
Additional Anytime Minutes for 450-minute plans: 45¢/min.
Additional Anytime Minutes for 900-minute plans: 40¢/min.

Shared Plans

Everything Data Share Plan

Monthly Anytime Minutes

to share between 2 lines

Price Per Month*
Add-a-Phone (lines 3-5): $19.99/mo. per line
Additional Anytime Minutes for 1500-minute plans: 40¢/min.
Additional Anytime Minutes for 3000-minute plans: 25¢/min.

**Monthly charges exclude taxes, Sprint Surcharges [incl. USF charge of up to 12.9% (varies quarterly), Administrative Charge (up to $1.99/line/mo.), Regulatory Charge ($0.20/line/mo.) & state/local fees by area]. Sprint Surcharges are not taxes or gov’t-required charges and are subject to change. Details:

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