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Sprint helps developers produce innovative apps, make money with new tools


Sprint CEO Dan Hesse offered good news to developers during his keynote this week at the Sprint 2010 Open Developer Conference.

“By adding these developer capabilities to Sprint’s strengths in networks, devices and platforms, it should be clear we are dedicated to being a carrier known for simplicity, value and ‘open,’ and for providing what developers need to create innovative applications and services for Sprint customers,” Hesse said.

Sprint announced:

New Sprint ID partners

Industry-first mobile commerce via the Sprint Mobile Wallet

Industry-first Communication Enablement to create innovative voice and SMS products

“fastest growing wireless segment”

Mobile applications are the fastest growing wireless segment in the industry. In fact, mobile application downloads across all handsets worldwide are poised to grow from 7 billion in 2009 to almost 50 billion in 2012 – a year-over-year growth rate of 92 percent, according to Chetan Sharma Consulting.

Store revenue from smartphone app downloads will exceed $11 billion in 2014, up from just over $800 million in 2009, according to Yankee Group.1 The bounty of economic opportunities this creates for the developer community is only as limited as their imaginations, and Sprint is helping fuel those imaginations during its 10th annual application developer conference this week.

Sprint ID

Sprint announced new partners for Sprint ID, the user-friendly new way for Sprint customers to personalize their Android™ experience. New additions to the list of companies endorsing the concept of Sprint ID and exploring the creation of Sprint ID packs include enterprise partner Deluxe and consumer partner AOL, as well as UPS, Canvas, IHG and BodyMedia.

Developers at the conference learned that Sprint ID offers opportunities for them to create apps that may be included in packs or to create their own packs, including enterprise-oriented packs to improve the productivity of mobile workforces.

During the conference, Sprint ID will be featured in breakout sessions, discussed during the Android coding lab, and demonstrated in the exhibit hall. Information is also available at

Sprint Mobile Wallet

Sprint Mobile Wallet is an easy, secure way to buy physical and digital products using a Sprint phone. Sprint Mobile Wallet also will make it easier for developers to monetize their products.

It will be launched in mid-November.

For the developer community, Sprint Mobile Wallet enables developers to set up commerce more easily and quickly with one simple integration to the Sprint Mobile Wallet service, avoiding the need to integrate directly with each payment company.

Developers may learn more during the conference and also through the developer site.

Communication Enablement

With communication enablement, available through the Sprint Services Framework, Sprint has exposed services that allow developers access to any device on the network, putting the customer in a position of picking a winner and putting innovation in the hands of the developers. Communication enablement brings new features to developers, providing deep access into the voice and messaging products that until now were not possible.

Sprint’s goal is to enable third parties to seamlessly extend their mobile communication services using the Sprint platform. Imagine a social networking site integrating mobile communication preferences into its available features, an in-home gaming service providing in-game calling and messaging, or the ability to have mobile calling and messaging capabilities available to you on any connected device, even when you don’t have your device with you. These types of innovative services are only the beginning of what developers could potentially create with Sprint communication enablement services.

This is another first from Sprint and a clear indicator that Sprint is committed to having the most open network. Developers can learn more at

Sprint Services Framework

Sprint previously announced enhancements to its Sprint Application Developer website with the introduction of the Sprint Services Framework.

The Sprint Services Framework provides a single Web 2.0 interface for developers to access application programming interfaces (APIs) directly from Sprint that offers developers seamless capabilities across virtually all Sprint devices, including mobile handsets and embedded devices, operating systems and development environments (e.g., Web pages and applications). Developers can learn more at

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