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Sprint offers advantage to Apps developers


-  Brian Marcinak, vice president business development for Loopt

“Sprint’s ‘open’ strategy and the tools provided on the developer Web site, give Loopt and other developers an advantage when creating applications for customers. In particular, the location-based API’s are very flexible and gives us a cost-effective way to get new services implemented in our applications.”

Apps, apps and more apps

At Sprint we know how important it is to have a great phone, and we offer a bunch of them. Increasingly, though, a great wireless experience also relies on an abundance of applications.

Sprint is addressing these customer expectations by supporting applications developers with an expanding kit of tools and other assistance.

In October more than 1,300 developers and other key industry members attended Sprint’s ninth annual developer conference in Silicon Valley. Sessions covered application development across a range of platforms, including Android, Palm® webOS™, RIM, Windows Mobile and Java; machine-to-machine solutions, 4G and more.

Developers at Sprint ADP conference.jpg

Developers lined up for 400 new HTC Hero phones and an Android™ coding session at Sprint’s ninth annual developer conference last October.

(Recap of the 2009 Sprint Developer Conference)

Yadong Liu, founder and CTO, M-Square Apps, attended the 2009 Developer Conference and already has added to the growing number of Android apps.

"It was an awesome conference and really got me started on Android development," Liu said. "I used the free HTC Hero to develop an app called "Best Quotes." It is already available on Android Market and I am planning some more apps to be released in the future."

Rick Boatright, chief evangelist,, also attended the 2009 Developer Conference.

“At the Sprint Developer Conference, Sprint provided small and individual developers access to its developer team and also to the developer teams with smartphone manufacturers,” said Rick Boatright.  “Sprint is committed to opening up its network to all developers and is the only carrier delivering access and providing experts to help developers create exciting new applications to run on the Sprint network.”

New tools

Sprint is:

  • Expanding its open location service enabler program with a new partner -- TechnoCom Corporation. TechnoCom is a location-based aggregator that provides customization and integration support services tailored to call center and IVR–based services.  
  • Introducing new capabilities for iDEN development. Free Developer Sandbox – for iDEN and CDMA - open to all Sprint registered developers – developers can create and test innovative applications for Sprint, Nextel and Boost brands.
  • Continuing to enrich the tools available through the Sprint Application Developer Program.

Application Developer Program

An ‘Open’ Leader

Sprint invests in technology and processes that enable developers to have access to important capabilities unique to Sprint’s network such as location and presence to make their apps richer.

Sprint’s guiding philosophy:
• Let consumers determine the application winners
• Be easy to do business with
• Create a developer’s “Garage” where new innovation happens
• Use the proven Open Internet model as guide
• Support is best performed by the creators of the content
• Open still requires management

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