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Sprint offers tips to protect your voice mail


Voice mail and concerns about voice mail “hacking” have been receiving a lot of attention in the news recently and you might have some questions.

Please know that Sprint places a high priority on protecting the personal information of our customers.

A passcode offers the best protection when it comes to protecting your voice mail account from unauthorized access. Check out the information below for simple step-by-step instructions for making sure you manage your voice mail with a passcode or other safeguards.

At Sprint, when you set up your voice mail account, you are required to establish a passcode. We strongly encourage you to continue using that passcode.

If you choose to skip the passcode, your voice mail account will be vulnerable to unauthorized access.

This decision, however, is up to the customer to make. Sprint proactively offers guidance and information, but the customer must balance the desire for convenience with other concerns.

Simple to set up, use passcode

If you previously chose to skip your passcode when retrieving voice mail, you can re-enable your passcode with just a few taps on your phone’s touchscreen.

Follow these simple, step-by-step instructions.

A tip for Android phones with Visual Voicemail

Some phones with the Android operating system present messages via a Visual Voicemail system.   Visual Voicemail customers also are required to set up a network password if they wish to retrieve messages remotely, which can protect the voice mail account from unauthorized access by someone who does not have access to your phone. We also recommend that customers use the screen lock on an Android™ phone, which would protect the voice mail account from unauthorized access by someone who gained possession of the phone. Just use the following step-by-step instructions:

Passcode protect your Visual Voicemail client on your Android phone

Voice mail safeguards

Keep your voice mail secure

Reset or change your Sprint voicemail passcode from

Passcode protect your Visual Voicemail client on your Android phone

More information:

CTIA – The Wireless Association offers information about pretexting and spoofing, two methods that reportedly can be used for voice mail hacking.

“Even though pretexting and spoofing are illegal in the U.S.,” CTIA states, consumers should take some simple precautionary measures, including:

  • Keep your wireless device with you at all times. Use the lock feature, so that if someone takes your phone, s/he cannot use it to access your voice mail.
  • Don’t give your device to a person you don’t know. If you lose your device, contact your carrier immediately so they can turn off service and prevent others from accessing your voice mails (or other personal information).
  • Create a voice mail password and change it periodically, using passwords that are hard to guess.

You can read more tips at “How to Protect Your Voice Mail from Being Hacked.”