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Sprint plans with Any Mobile, Anytime still offer more value than AT&T Any Mobile


Sprint’s Everything Data plans have offered Any Mobile, AnytimeSM for unlimited calling to any mobile in America since Sept. 2009. More than a year later, it looks like competitors are trying to play catch up to this great value.

We thought this was a good opportunity to remind Sprint customers and technology writers about the value and simplicity Sprint offers with its Everything Data plans that include unlimited calling to any mobile in America AND unlimited data use on the Sprint network.

Sprint Everything Data plans deliver an unlimited wireless experience: unlimited calling to any mobile in America, unlimited text and unlimited data access on the Sprint network, so customers don’t have to worry about the meter running. All of that for just $69.99 for feature phone users or $79.99 for smartphone users including the $10 Premium Data add-on for smartphones.

AT&T may say their new Any Mobile feature starts at $59.99 per month – but only feature phone users can take advantage of that pricing, and it doesn’t include any data use.

AT&T iPhone and smartphone customers will pay $84.99 per month to get AT&T Mobile to Any Mobile and just 2 GB of data use. Want more data? You’ll pay overages of $10 per GB. If you’re an AT&T smartphone customer but you’re not actually using much data – hmm, why would that be? – you can opt for a 200 MB data option, but it will still cost you $74.99 per month, with overage charges of $15 for each additional 200 MB used.

Individual Smartphone Plans with Unlimited Any Mobile Calling Features

Anytime Minutes


Everything Data + $10 Premium Data add-on for smartphones


Talk, Text & 200MB Data for smartphones


Talk, Text & 2GB Data for smartphones















$15/200 MB


Not to mention, AT&T doesn’t include any of the added value that Sprint does. Sprint Everything Data plans include unlimited Night & Weekend calling starting at 7 p.m. instead of 9 p.m., unlimited GPS Navigation and TV/Radio for no additional charge.

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