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Travel. School. Business. Play. Even Skateboarding! Sprint Connected Device Technology, Powered By the Now Network, Is Impacting the Everyday Lives of Americans Everywhere...



Shredding the airwaves...Sprint's Now Network powers the electronic signage (provided by ICG) at the ultra popular skateboarding event, the Maloof Cup.

You may not realize it. But Sprint’s Now Network is impacting many parts of your life…in many ways you didn’t think possible.

Sprint’s efforts in Machine-To-Machine (M2M) technologies – which means, using wireless and wireline technologies to make devices “talk to each other” directly – have been affecting the way people play, the way businesses deliver for customers and even the way your doctor utilizes the most modern technologies to keep you healthy.

It could be your utility meter sending your usage information to the electric company’s billing database. It could be your e-reader downloading a book from a central bookstore. It could be a digital signboard updating its message from a laptop at the advertising agency. It’s literally that broad. And there’s a reason why Sprint is the most trusted wireless name in business operations. Our partner companies trust the Now Network’s speed, power and reliability to keep their operations running smooth to make your life easier. And we’ve only just begun…the possibilities are endless…but look what we’ve done already.

Sprint’s Expanding Connected Device Relationships

  • As we announced in a June 16 news release, Sprint is showcasing several newly announced customers – including Amtrak, Continental Airlines, Washington Redskins FedEx Field – putting Sprint Wireless/Connected Device technology to work in incredible ways.

Sprint's M2M Wireless Mobility Solutions Continue Helping Businesses with M2M ...

TMCnet - Raja Singh Chaudhary- Jun 18, 2010

In the words of Danny Bowman, president at Sprint Integrated Solutions (News - Alert) Group, M2M is shattering conventional notions about what a business ...

Machines Talk Together And Transform Business Operations With Sprint's M2M ...

Field Technologies Online (press release) - Jun 16, 2010

Device-to-device wireless connectivity enables innovative ways for companies to boost productivity and efficiencies – all while conserving valuable business ...

4G/LTE - Does 4G Have a Role in M2M ...

Light Reading Mobile – Sarah Reedy, June 17

…Sprint’s Ward didn’t get as much time to talk as the other guys, but Sprint was really…

School’s in Session…and Sprint is making it easier to manage that academic program with the HTC EVO and Blackboard Mobile Learn App!

BML Screenshot on EVO4.jpg

  • On June 15 Sprint partner Blackboard Inc. made a welcome announcement for many college students sporting a new HTC EVO 4G. Blackboard Inc. and Sprint now offer native releases of its Blackboard Mobile Learn apps for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone OS.

  • Now any student with an Android 2.1-powered EVO, other Sprint Android phones or a Sprint BlackBerry can enjoy an enhanced learning experience at any participating institution of higher learning. Blackboard Mobile Learn is an engaging way to access course work and interactive learning for students and faculty – providing an immersive academic experience for new EVO owners and devoted BlackBerry enthusiasts alike. See it in action!

Bloggers are raving about it:

Android Guys: Blackboard Mobile Arrives for Android Handsets on Sprint Network

Android Junkies: Blackboard Mobile Arrives for Android Handsets on Sprint Network

MobileTechReview: HTC EVO as a Learning Tool: Sprint and Blackboard Team Up

BlackBerry Rocks: Blackboard Releases Mobile Learn Application For BlackBerry Users

Campus Technology: http://campustechnology.com/articles/2010/06/15/blackboard-brings-mobile-learn-to-smart-phones.aspx

And let’s not forget our powerful HTC EVO. A cutting-edge handset like this, and the powerful 4G network that it runs on (the nation’s first) isn’t just good for play. It’s set to impact the way people do business everywhere:

Sprint Exec: HTC EVO Is "Really Good" Business Device

Forbes – Elizabeth Woyke, June 16, 2010

Sprint: HTC EVO catching on with enterprise users

FierceMobileIT - 1 hour ago

"We've seen quick, early growth in both the consumer and business space with EVO," said Danny Bowman, president of Sprint's Integrated Solutions Group...

Why You May (Unofficially) Be Seeing Sprint 4G In Your City

Forbes (blog) – Elizabeth Woyke  - Jun 17, 2010

Danny Bowman, president of Sprint's Integrated Solutions Group, has a simple explanation for the flurry of 4G reports. Clearwire, the wireless broadband...

Sprint Plans To Open Center To Foster Connected Devices -Exec

Wall Street Journal - Roger Cheng- Jun 16, 2010

The company is looking at creating a machine-to-machine collaboration center in the San Francisco area to tap the local tech talent, said Danny Bowman...

Sprint may open M2M collaboration center in San Francisco

FierceWireless - Sue Marek- Jun 17, 2010

Sprint-Nextel (NYSE:S) may open a center in the San Francisco area to foster the development of the machine-to-machine ecosystem. Danny Bowman, president of...

Sprint Plans To Open Center To Foster Connected Devices Executive ...

Business Week.com – June 16

Sprint plans range of embedded devices for holidays

Reuters (press release) - Sinead Carew, Tim Dobbyn- Jun 16, 2010

Danny Bowman, the head of Sprint's integrated solutions group said he is working with partners to add embedded wireless connections for business specific...

You never know. Many of the conveniences in your every day life could be the result of Sprint’s efforts to make modern life easier for people. Spread the word.