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Unique Solution Makes Recycling Even Easier


With today's launch of the Samsung Seek, Sprint is trialing a new recycling solution -- one so simple, you'll wonder why it hasn't been done before. Use the box that holds your new phone to ship your old wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data card back to us. Here's the great part. We'll recycle both for you -- the box and your old equipment. Simple and intuitive, right? Yet, this is the first solution of its kind offered by a wireless carrier in the U.S.

Yes. Free postage-paid recycling envelopes can be found in the box with nearly all new devices that Sprint sells. However with this new solution, we're taking another step to address packaging waste, as well. Packaging for Sprint phones alone accounts for more than two million pounds of cardboard annually. That's a lot. As we continue to focus on environmental sustainability and product responsibility at Sprint, it's led us to consider the impact that this packaging has on the waste stream. By trialing this solution with the Samsung Seek, we can demonstrate how easy it is to work with customers to keep electronic and packaging waste out of landfills. Here's how effortless it can be:

Step 1: Open the box. You're immediately greeted by a recycling label. Pre-paid postage is on the back side.

Opened - Just M350_x.jpg

Step 2: Remove the contents -- new Samsung Seek, battery,  charger, and "Getting Started" literature.

M350 w Contents_x.jpg

Step 3: (Optional) Flip over tray. Insert in box upside down and flattened. All the packaging materials and literature are recyclable.

M350 w Tray Upside Down_x.jpg

Step 4: Insert old phones and accessories for recycling. Ensure service to your old devices has been deactivated. Sprint's policy is to erase the personal data from all of the equipment we collect.

Old Phone and Charger_x.jpg

Step 5: Remove mailing label from under the box lid. Close box. Use packing tape to seal the box shut (wrapping once around the box). Affix postage-paid label to top of the box. Voila. It's ready to drop in the mail.

With Label on Top_x.jpg

We'll be testing this new solution versus the traditional method. So, anyone purchasing a new blue or pink Samsung Seek can use the label and the box to repackage their old equipment for recycling -- in less than a minute. To compare performance, the red Samsung Seek will contain the traditional postage-paid envelope made of LDPE #4 recyclable plastic to recycle their old wireless devices. If collections from the reusable box meet or exceed the performance of the envelope, we'll consider rolling out this solution across our entire product line.

Sprint is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve our environmental sustainability. If you have any ideas that we should be considering, let us know. Share them in the comment section below, or drop me an email at Would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Darren Beck

Sprint Corp Responsibility

Twitter @SprintGreenNews