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Sprint is thrilled to begin selling Apple Watch on September 25 2015.

"We believe Apple Watch will be one of the hottest gifts for the holiday shopping season," said Marcelo Claure, CEO, Sprint. “We are excited to offer Apple Watch at hundreds of our stores alongside iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.”

To celebrate the availability of Apple Watch, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Sprint stores will open early at 8:00 a.m. local time on September 25. Customers can call their local Sprint store to check Apple Watch availability. Customers can also call 1-800-SPRINT1 or visit to place an order for Apple Watch, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.


We are in the process of implementing major improvements to the Sprint network. As a part of this process, Sprint will cease operating the Sprint 4G (WiMax) network on 11/6/15.

What this means:

  • On the date provided above, WiMax device(s) will no longer connect to the Sprint 4G (WiMax) network. The terms and provisions of contracts related solely to 4G WiMax devices, products and services will no longer be applicable. 


  • Dual-mode devices, those with both 4G WiMax and 3G CDMA capabilities, will continue to function on the 3G CDMA network.
  • Tri-mode devices, those with 4G WiMax, 4G LTE and 3G CDMA capabilities, will continue to function on the 4G LTE and 3G CDMA networks. 
  • 4G WiMax-only devices will no longer have service and will not connect to a wireless network.

If you have immediate questions, please visit or go to your nearest Sprint store to discuss the options available to you. We have wide portfolio of 4G LTE devices that are not affected by the shutdown.

We look forward to continuing to meet your wireless needs and to bring you exciting new services. Thank you for your business.


FAQs about the WiMax network shutdown

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2015

We are in the process of implementing major improvements to the Sprint 4G LTE Network, including the deployment of Sprint Spark, an enhanced LTE network. As a part of this process, Sprint will cease operating the Sprint 4G (WiMax) Network on 11/6/2015.

What this means to you:

  • On 11/6/2015, Sprint will no longer support Sprint 4G WiMax devices and services, your WiMax device(s) will no longer connect to a wireless network (see note below regarding dual-band devices), and the terms and provisions of your contract related solely to 4G WiMax devices, products and services will no longer be applicable.
  • For devices with Sprint 4G WiMax and 3G CDMA capabilities, the Nationwide Sprint Network will continue to support the 3G CDMA capability of the device after the Sprint 4G (WiMax) Network is shut down.
  • 4G WiMax-only devices, such as connection or broadband cards and modules, will no longer have service available and will not connect to a wireless network.
  • To continue to meet your wireless data needs, we have a selection of comparable devices using 4G LTE or Sprint Spark technologies which are not impacted by the shutdown of the Sprint 4G (WiMax) Network.

If you have immediate questions, please visit a Sprint store or shop on to check out the options available to you. We look forward to continuing to meet your wireless data needs and to bring you exciting new services.


The digital world takes another step toward becoming a safer place today with the launch of A Platform for Good, the interactive program where parents, teachers and teens can share experiences and information about online safety.

Sprint is proud to sponsor of this new initiative created by the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), a nonprofit organization that promotes online safety.

This marks another in a series of efforts by Sprint to help families and educators gain free and easy access to resources that promote kids’ safety online. Our company is committed to supporting organizations that work to create a digital world where young people can continue to work, learn and play safely.

A Platform for Good sets out to foster digital responsibility and increase awareness of online safety by making tools accessible that will spark conversations about the role of digital technology and how to participate in the digital world responsibly.

Leveraging other social platforms, A Platform for Good:

  • Offers information and conversation tips to parents.
  • Recommends opportunities and tools for teachers to address Internet safety.
  • Provides incentives for teens to participate in online activities that focus on safety issues.

The platform was sponsored by Sprint along with other industry leaders and the Family Online Safety institute.

Another helpful resource is our 4NetSafety site, This site features the latest Internet-safety information from Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Please help us in our efforts to make the digital world a safer place by sharing this post.

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A Platform for Good
Family Online Safety Institute


Last week was an exciting week for Sprint.  For the third straight time, we were recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for the best purchase experience among full-service wireless carriers. This award came after recently being named by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (April 2012) as #1 among all national carriers and most improved in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, over the last four years. We know that none of this would be possible without the dedication and hard work of our employees.

In appreciation of their accomplishments, we took time out last week to say a big, hard-earned THANK YOU to them. They have put in many hours towards improving the customer experience at Sprint.

Employees were invited to have fun and enjoy each other’s company as well as food and beverages at our corporate headquarters in Overland Park, KS. It was a wonderful day to celebrate with them and we are fortunate to have great people who work here and serve our millions of customers.

Thank You Party v2.jpg

While we are proud of our accomplishments and accolades this year, we know that our work is never done. We will continue to be focused and passionate about improving your wireless experience.

Whether you are an employee, customer or business partner, we say thank you. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones and continuing our hard work to continuing to improve for you. 

Learn More about Sprint’s 2012 Accolades:

Awards and Recognition


We are excited to share that Sprint ranked the highest among full-service wireless providers in the J.D. Power and Associates’ 2012 U.S. Full-Service Wireless Purchase Experience StudySM, Volume 2. The Wireless Purchase Experience Study evaluates the wireless purchase experience of customers using any one of three contact channels: phone calls with sales representatives; visits to a retail wireless store; and on the Web.

Overall customer satisfaction with both full-service and non-contract branded carriers is based on six factors (in order of importance): store sales representative; website; phone sales representative; store facility; offerings and promotions; and cost of service.

Today’s announcement marks the third consecutive time Sprint ranked highest in overall customer purchase experience satisfaction among major full-service wireless carriers.

Wireless Purchase Experience Study Results demonstrate our sharpened focus on retail experience improvement -- from improved service and repair care to better merchandising and more accessory availability.  We have made improvements to the Ready Now program that represents one way we are concentrating on making the in-store wireless purchase process simpler for customers. With Ready Now, Sprint retail associates work one-on-one with customers to personalize your phone, set up its features, and demonstrate how it works before you leave the store.

Among other purchase experience improvements, we have:

  • improved integration of sales channels, giving you an easier path from selecting your phone online to picking it up in store.
  • increased the number of in-store accessories and device add-ons to extend the possibilities of Sprint devices for you.
  • added more tools that better enable Sprint retail store employees to ensure new customers understand the features of their device and how they will be billed right at the point-of-sale.
  • improved in-store, full-service triage and repair to reduce the need to send phones out for repair.
  • begun adding solutions kiosks in stores to help you find and develop customized solutions alongside expertly trained consultants from Sprint.

“This is the culmination of a lot of hard work by our retail employees, Web sales teams, telesales group and many others in Sprint’s Sales and Distribution organization,” said Jaime Jones, Sprint senior vice president, Consumer Sales. “Our commitment all along has been to deliver the best customer experience, the most complete portfolio of products and merchandise, and Ready Now-type customer service from the most talented, best-trained people in the business.”

While this is a great accomplishment and one that we are very proud of, we will remain focused and working hard to continue to bring you the best customer experience.


Press Release: Sprints Earns J.D. Power and Associates' Top Ranking - For Third Straight Time - for Purchase Experi...

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At Sprint, we encourage parents, guardians, educators and teens to take a closer look at Internet safety. In fact, since 2007, we’ve provided more than $4.2 million to this important cause through our 4NetSafety program. Our newly redesigned website,, makes it easier for families to have conversations about using the Internet and mobile phones responsibly.

Sprint has partnered with NEAHIN, the Boys and Girls Club of America and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to provide families with free resources on Internet safety, tips for helping kids deal with cyberbullying and social networking and important information on the ways teens are using smartphones.

Cyberbullying has become one of the most prevalent topics surrounding Internet safety and is the key focus of 4NetSafety during the month of June. In our increasingly digital world, bullying has shifted to text messages, emails and social media sites. Using the Internet and mobile phones should be a fun experience that helps you communicate with your friends and family, find entertainment and be productive.

We encourage you to educate yourselves and your family members on the potential risks associated with utilizing digital media so your teens can make safer, more informed decisions when interacting online and through their mobile phones.

Click here for more information and free resources on Internet safety:


Customer Service is a top priority at Sprint.  It is our goal to make our customers happy and it starts with each member of our Customer Care and Retail teams.  They have a passion and desire to help our customers each and every day. They take great pride in helping them solve their problems and providing value.

The 2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey, released today, shows that Sprint is the number one ranked company for customer satisfaction among the major wireless carriers and the most improved company in customer satisfaction, across all industries, over the last four years. In addition, for the second consecutive year, Sprint claimed the top spot among major carriers for the perceived customer value as well as being cited in the survey as number one in call center satisfaction.

“This recognition is fantastic.” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.  “Today’s recognition from the highly-respected American Customer Satisfaction is a testament to the focus we’ve placed on providing exceptional service and value for our customers.  Thanks especially to all of our employees and associates who work so diligently toward exceeding our customers’ expectations every day.”

Sprint is pleased with the progress and excited that customers across the country are recognizing us for our hard work.  We invite you meet some of our team members featured here that have helped to earn this honor.

Thank you Sprint customers for helping us achieve this honor!  We will continue to work vigorously to improve our results and scores every year and remain committed to providing the top service and value to our customers every day.

Learn More:

Meet Sprint Customer Service Reps Video

Press Release:American Customer Satisfaction Index 2012 Survey

Contact us:

Twitter: @SprintCare



Would you like some help getting smarter about your new smartphone? Spend some time working one-on-one with a Sprint retail associate through our Ready Now Program.

Ready Now assistance is one of the enhancements we have brought to our Sprint stores nationwide. This program, along with other initiatives, offers our customers an outstanding experience in our retail stores that was recognized in the latest J.D. Power and Associates study.

We are pleased that our customers have noticed our improvements and all of our efforts to provide them with a great experience. Sprint ranked highest among full-service providers by J.D. Power and Associates Wireless Purchase Experience Study, Volume 1.

Our no-contract brand Boost Mobile also earned a top ranking among non-contract providers in the  study.

Boost Mobile, which leverages the Nationwide Sprint Network, continues to be a no annual-contract industry leader with the only Monthly Unlimited plan, which rewards its customers with shrinking payments. Boost has consistently ranked highest in J.D. Power and Associates customer surveys, with three awards received in 2011 for Overall Satisfaction Performance (2010), Customer Care Performance and Purchase Experience (2011 Volume 2) among non-contract customers.

The study analyzes evaluations from customers who have had an in-store, phone or Web wireless sales experience during the previous six-month period. Overall customer satisfaction with major wireless carrier-branded stores is based on six factors: sales staff, phone reps, website, price and promotion, cost of service, and store facility.

We are honored to be recognized by our postpaid and no-contract customers in the J.D. Power and Associates study,” said Jaime Jones, senior vice president-Consumer Sales, Sprint. “Sprint is committed to providing our customers outstanding service, innovative programs and great value to meet all their wireless needs.”

Today’s smartphones are so powerful. You can use them to be more productive on your job, enjoy all kinds of entertainment or just stay in touch with your friends and family. Maybe you could use a hand in getting your email accounts set up just right on your phone. Or you might find it helpful for a true smartphone expert to show you some interesting apps or other cool things you can do.

With Ready Now, Sprint retail associates work one-on-one with customers to personalize their phone, set up all of its features, and demonstrate how it works before they leave the store. So make sure you take advantage of the opportunity so you can get more from your wireless devices.

Ready Now is popular and quite helpful, but it’s not the only improvement our customers appreciate. Here are some other benefits you should check out:

•          Locate a store on ( and make an appointment online to visit your store of choice and receive Ready Now service.

•          Worried about buying the wrong phone? No need to worry. Our customers have the ability to return the device within 14-days for a refund of the purchase price with the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee.

•          Customers who buy Sprint products through telesales or the Web can return them to any company-owned store, making it easier and more convenient for customers.

•          In-store full-service triage and repair to reduce the need to send phones out for repair. iPhones are not included in this service. iPhones can be sent to Apple Care for repair.


Reports that Sprint throttles the top one percent of data users are false. Here are the facts:

  • Sprint does not throttle any postpaid phone data users for on-network or off-network usage. Sprint is the only national carrier offering smartphone users truly unlimited data with no throttling, metering or overages while on the Sprint network.
  • Sprint does have terms and conditions which prohibit certain types of data use that may impair other customers' usage or harm or interfere with the network. At yesterday’s investor conference, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was referring to Sprint’s right to terminate service of data abusers who violate Sprint’s terms and conditions. Customers who abuse our network by violating the terms and conditions will be contacted by Sprint in an effort to have the customer change their usage to comply with their subscriber agreement. Customers who do not change their usage and remain in violation of the terms and conditions may be subject to actions reserved by Sprint, including but not limited to termination. Consistent with our advertising, engaging in such uses will not result in throttling for customers on unlimited data-included plans for phones.


Bob Azzi, senior vice president – Network, Sprint

“Within the first half of 2012, Sprint customers should experience first-hand the wide-reaching improvements we have made in terms of boosting voice and data quality. With advanced smartphones and sophisticated wireless modems, our customers are using more and more mobile data, and one of our top priorities is to provide the best technology possible to improve our customers’ experience.”

Our customers in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are expected to be among the first to benefit from 4G LTE and improved 3G coverage in the first half of 2012.

Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO, made this announcement at the annual Citigroup Entertainment, Media and Telecommunications Conference.

We have been sharing information in recent months about our overall network strategy known as Network Vision. The launch of these metropolitan areas marks the next step in this strategy.

Sprint customers can expect to enjoy ultra-fast data speeds, improved 3G voice and data quality, and stronger in-building signal penetration providing a more reliable wireless experience. Whether a Sprint customer is on a smartphone streaming video, browsing the Web with a mobile hotspot, or making a voice call to someone across the country, everyone in the upgraded areas is expected to benefit from the advanced 3G/4G LTE network.

We promise to share more information about these plans as we move forward. Please check back here on Community, follow @Sprint on Twitter or visit our Facebook page so you can receive those updates.

Here are answers to at least some initial questions that some of our customers might have:

LTE Phones and data cards

We plan to launch CDMA/LTE devices midyear, with up to 15 devices expected in 2012, including handsets, tablets and data cards.

WiMAX devices

Many Sprint customers already have been enjoying 4G with phones such as Samsung Epic 4G Touch and HTC EVO 3D, which operate on our WiMAX network. 

Sprint remains committed to our WiMAX customers and plans to sell WiMAX devices with two-year contracts through 2012. Dual-mode WiMAX devices that also operate on the CDMA network are expected to get the benefits of Network Vision associated with Sprint’s 3G service, but they will not operate on Sprint’s LTE network.

More information:

Press Release: Sprint Announces First Major Markets to Receive 4G LTE in 2012


Customers praise Sprint’s for offering the only unlimited data plan with the iPhone

As the only U.S. carrier to offer new and existing customers the iPhone experience with unlimited data plans, Sprint celebrated its best-ever first day sales of any Sprint device family with the launch of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 on Friday, October 14.

Sprint retail stores around the county celebrated the arrival of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 by opening their doors at 8:00am with lines at most locations with  excited customers waiting to get their hands on the only iPhones offering an unlimited data plan. Here’s what customers had to say:

  • “I’m super excited! This is my first  iPhone. I haven’t been in line since I was 10 years old for a Furby! I did my research and Sprint’s coverage in the city is great.  I plan to use data all the time, so the unlimited data and pricing is the best deal.” - Mikki Manfredonia, San Francisco, Calf.

  • “Sprint’s customer service has been fantastic. It’s the biggest reason why I switched. Plus your unlimited offer the best plans and pricing.” - Michael Fortson, San Francisco, Calif.

  • “I refuse to give money to AT&T. I promised the kids that the minute Sprint comes up with the iPhone, they can get it right away. They didn’t forget.”  - The Leon Guerrero Family, Dallas, Texas

  • “I am so excited Sprint has the iPhone. I didn’t want to order it online. Wanted to get in line at the store and be one of the first to have the iPhone from Sprint.” – Jasmine Grady, Atlanta, Ga.

  • “I had unlimited data with Sprint before. I know a lot of other phone companies cut that out, but it’s big for me, especially with iPhone.” - Kendall Romseur, Boston, Mass.

  • “I always wanted iPhone, but never had it before. It’s the most advanced phone out there. You can do anything with it.  I’m really excited Sprint has it now. Sprint is the only one with unlimited now, it’s definitely the best deal.” - Daniella Mangakis, Boston, Mass.

  • “I am excited to switch to Sprint and get the iPhone on an unlimited plan. The unlimited plans are great…much better price.” - Alessandro (Alex) Guglielmino, Atlanta, Ga.

Sprint Executive Quote

  • “On Launch Day, October 14, Sprint reported its best ever day of sales in retail, web and telesales for a device family in Sprint history with the launch of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. We reached this milestone at      approximately noon CT. The response to this device by current and new customers has surpassed our expectations and validates our customers’ desire for a truly unlimited data pricing plan.” - Fared Adib, Sprint      Product Chief 

Trade-up and Sprint will Buyback

Now is a great time to trade-up to an iPhone from Sprint and experience the only unlimited data plans on an iPhone in the U.S. The buyback amount for iPhone ranges from $50 to as much as $275 depending on the specific carrier and model. Sprint guarantees $50 for even the oldest iPhone models! Customers can check eligibility and the trade-in amount at or visit a Sprint retail store.

Pricing and Availability

iPhone 4S is currently available from Sprint starting at $199.99 for the 16GB model, $299.99 for the 32GB model and $399.99 for the 64GB model. iPhone 4 is available for just $99.99 for the 8GB model. All prices require a new-line activation or eligible upgrade and two-year agreement.

With Sprint’s unlimited data plans, customers don’t have to worry about throttling or surprises on their monthly bill due to data overage charges like they might with tiered data plans from other carriers. Plans start at just $69.99 per month plus the required $10 Premium Data add-on charge. Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan is the only plan from a national carrier to offer truly unlimited calling, data and text for just $99.99 per month plus the required $10 Premium Data add-on charge (all while on the Sprint network).

All iPhone models are available to new and existing customers in all Sprint retail stores, and 1-800-SPRINT1 as well as select additional Sprint retail channels.

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Dan Hesse, Chief Executive Officer of Sprint

  • “Our progress on deploying Network Vision enables Sprint to extend our 4G leadership and improve the experience for 3G customers.  Our next-generation network and cutting-edge device line-up combined with the industry’s best pricing plans give Sprint customers the best experience in wireless.” 

About a year ago, Sprint told you about Network Vision, our plan to consolidate multiple network technologies into one seamless network with the goal of increasing efficiency and enhancing network coverage, call quality and data speeds for customers across the United States.

Today we are telling you about our progress. It’s going well. As a result of the success and the progress made so far,  Sprint now is targeting completion of Network Vision deployment by the end of 2013—two years sooner than originally scheduled.

Sprint also announced a rapid national roll-out of LTE. Sprint plans to launch 4G LTE on its 1900 MHz spectrum by midyear 2012 and complete the network build-out by the end of 2013.   By the end of 2013, Sprint’s 4G coverage footprint is expected to cover more than 250 million people.

Dan Hesse, chief executive officer of Sprint, and other Sprint executives presented this information on Oct. 7 during a 4G Strategy/Network Vision Update event in New York.

What does this mean for Sprint customers? Many things. But here are a couple key points:

•          3G Network Improvement:  Sprint expects an improvement in customers’ 3G network experience, including expanded coverage, improved network reliability, better voice quality, and faster 3G data speeds. Based on forecasts of data demand, Sprint is confident its 3G network will meet customers’ growing data demands.

•          LTE deployment expected to reach 250 million people by 2013: Sprint expects to launch CDMA-LTE devices by mid-2012, with approximately 15 devices coming throughout the year—including handsets, tablets and data cards.  Additionally, CDMA-WiMAX devices, such as the award-winning HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Epic 4G and Nexus S 4G, will continue to be sold throughout 2012. 

Introduction to Sprint Network Vision 

Joe Euteneuer, Chief Financial Officer of Sprint

  • “Network Vision creates a platform for growth and competitive advantage and delivers significant upside potential.  Over the long-term, continued execution on Network Vision as well as other improvements to our core operations are expected to result in overall margin expansion, improved return on invested capital and ultimately, increased value for our shareholders.”  

The 4G Strategy/Network Vision update also addressed several other topics, including Sprint’s introduction of a spectrum hosting business and significant economic benefits that Network Vision brings to Sprint.

More information:

•          News Release: Sprint Accelerates Deployment of Network Vision and Announces National Rollout of 4G LTE


Now is a great time to trade-up to an iPhone from Sprint and experience the only unlimited data plans on an iPhone in the U.S. You could earn up to $275 by trading in your old iPhone and upgrading to iPhone 4S from Sprint. This is a great way to get one of the hottest phones available at the lowest cost.

The Sprint Buyback Program collects old, unwanted wireless phones and aircards regardless of carrier or manufacturer. Many of these devices are eligible for instant credit toward the purchase of a new phone in Sprint Stores or an account credit toward your existing Sprint account.

The buyback credit amount ranges from $50 to as much as $275 depending on the iPhone specific carrier and model. Sprint guarantees $50 for even the oldest iPhone models – not bad! Ready to move on from a phone other than an iPhone? No problem! You can check eligibility and the trade-in amount at (Prices are subject to change.)

It couldn’t be simpler to save on your new device. There are two easy options:

  • Sprint Store: New or existing Sprint customers can visit your local Sprint store to see if your current device qualities for an instant trade-in credit toward a new Sprint phone.
  • Online: Existing customers can check eligibility at There, you can create a Buyback quote and follow the easy instructions to print your pre-paid shipping label and mail your device.

If your phone does not qualify for a credit, you can still recycle it in an environmentally responsible manner thru Sprint Project Connect.

Sprint was the first U.S. carrier to buyback competitor phones in store and offer an instant credit. We have partnered with several innovative, eco-friendly companies to reuse and recycle collected devices - to help keep electronic waste from piling up in landfills. The goal and benefit of the Sprint Buyback program is to collect your old, unwanted wireless phones and to properly reuse or recycle the electronic waste - maintaining our environment for future generations.

Give us a call at 1-800-586-1662 with questions or visit

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