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I Can No Longer Set Up Personal Hotspot!


I Can No Longer Set Up Personal Hotspot!

It used to be so easy. I had my password and all. All I had to do was go to Cellular Settings, turn the Personal Hotspot on, and that was that.

The Personal Hotspot on/off button IS showing, but the capability of it turning on is not. I don't see the password I'd made for it, I don't see the wi-fi, USB, or bluetooth options, all I see is the phone telling me I gotta call a number or come here to to set up the hotspot, but I don't think it should work like that.

I should also mention that I have the iPhone 5c, with the iOS 8.4. I used to be able to set up the Personal Hotspot easily until I updated. I hope there is a quick solution to this problem, or that I can be referred to something that will help, because I've tried turning it off and turning it back on to get on the cellular settings again (like I read on another discussion thread), but it is not working.


Re: I Can No Longer Set Up Personal Hotspot!

I realized today that I am having the same issue.

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