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Sprint Phone Connect 2 and Airave 2.5


Sprint Phone Connect 2 and Airave 2.5

I cannot get a firm answer from store personnel. I am considering on getting a Phone Connect 2 but am wondering if it will connect to my Airave. If it will rely in cell tower signal it would be a waste of my time and money, cuz I ain't got none . Tower signal or money.....


jimmbbo -

Thank you for your post. That is a great question. To the best of my knowledge, the Phone Connect 2 can connect to the Airave 2.5 but the best place to get the answer would be to speak with Airave Support at 1.866.556.7310 Monday - Sunday 5am - 11pm CST.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

- *Kitty

Sprint Social Care Team


I hope you did not get a Phone Connect 2.  I did without doing the research.  A store employee presented it to me.  I had never heard of it till that day.  I should have left and returned another day.

Apparently it does rely on a tower signal.  I have never got the thing to operate.  I tried to return it.  That's when I found out you have 14 days not 30.  Store personnel do not care to give a straight answer they are in it for the money not the customer.  I have been told by tech support to exchange it and the store would not do it.  A new one will not pick up a signal  Customer support said get a signal booster and I don't know what it would boost if the signal is not there.  I'm already stuck paying for a useless piece of equipment.


Good News!

  • I got a Phone Connect 2 and hooked it up.
  • It would not connect to my Airave Arivana and it was spotty at best.
  • My wife went to make a call on her iPhone, and it dropped the call - had no signal.
  • That made me wonder - is my Arivana working?  I noticed she had no signal strength and, sure enough, nothing was connecting to the Airvana.
  • I rebooted (power cycled) the Airvana.
  • The Phone Connect 2 is now going through the Airvana; life is looking good!

My Airvana is not the 2.5; I've had it probably a couple of years now.  But, I can't imagine that makes a difference.  The Sprint Network is the Sprint Network.  So, Farmrat, I hope you can make yours work.

I had found your post when things were not working (before the wrath of my wife when her phone dropped the call) and assumed it didn't work.  I too got frustrated and started hunting around the internet for alternatives.  Land Line for $49.   Magic Jacks that I don't think work very well.   I was like, "Can't a husband get his wife's 1970 Mickey Mouse phone working?"  But, then, lucky for me, my wife's iPhone dropped the call - which made me pursue this further and solve it.  Now I have good call quality on Mickey for $9. 

Happy New Year!



Greetings and thanks so much for sharing your experience and I'm glad to hear that after some tinkering you've been able to get your services working! 


Where are you trying to use the device? The device does in fact require cellular signal in order to work. Would you mind providing me with your zipcode and cross streets? I'd be glad to verify the coverage quality within your area. Also, are you using a mobile handset with us? I know how frustrating these issues can be and I really appreciate you reaching out to us! 


Sprint Social Care Team 

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