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Sprint Phone Connect limitation?


Sprint Phone Connect limitation?

Does anyone else have a Sprint Connect 2 device utilizing the Sprint Google Voice Integration? If so - are you able to receive calls on the Connect 2 device?

My Connect 2 works for both placing and receiving calls when it is not integrated with GV but, when integrated, incoming calls no longer ring the device. Other GV functions work fine.

I have basically wasted two days of my own and Sprint support staffs time trying to resolve my issue. The support people are telling me that it can’t work because the GV number is the same as the Connect number. The ability to have the Sprint and GV numbers the same is exactly what the Integration developed by Sprint and Google is all about. There was apparently a lot of activity involved in that development several years ago but it seems Sprint knows very little about it at this time.

I believe the problem could be solved if there were a way to get to the department that developed the Integration with Google but no one in Sprint seems to have an idea of who they are or how to escalate a problem to them.

Someone from Account Services suggested that I take the device to a service center to have them try another Connect 2 device to rule out the possibility that I simply have a defective box. That seemed like an excellent idea but neither the Store or the Service Center in my area have a Connect 2 they can test the GV integration with. The store suggested that I request that Technical Support setup such a test in their lab but when I called them I was told they have only desks and computers.

Someone in Sprint gave me a real live number to Google and when I called I talked to a technician who was sure he could solve the problem. The cost would be $130.99. That seems like a lot for one person but would be peanuts for a large company. It appears that if I were to pay Google to solve the problem for me, Sprint would not have an interest in knowing how it was done. I’m just shaking my head!


Re: Sprint Phone Connect limitation?


Thank you for posting with us.  The issues you are having is because the Phone Connect cannot be used with GoogleVoice at all.  It unfortunately, is just not possible.  It is also not useable with home security systems.  I too have a Phone Connect at home and had GoogeVoice.   I do understand what you are going through.  Unfortunately, I do not have a viable fix for you.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team

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