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Call forwarding


Call forwarding

Does Call forwarding work on sprint phone connect?


Re: Call forwarding

Yes call forwarding does work on Sprint phone connect.

Turn On and Off Unconditional Call Forwarding (CDMA)

Steps to activate (*72) or deactivate (*720) call forwarding for all calls



  • Unconditional call forwarding (forwarding all calls) costs $0.20 per minute. 
  • Charges do not apply to Simply Everything plans. 
  • Voicemail and call tones are not offered with call forwarding.

Steps for unconditional call forwarding:  

  • Turn on:  
    1. Press *72 from the phone, followed by 10-digit forwarding number. 
    2. Press Talk.  
    3. Alert tones are heard when forward is activated.
  • Turn off:  
    1. Press *720.  
    2. Press Talk. 
    3. Alert tones are heard when forward is deactivated.

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