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I, for one, LOVE the Sprint Phone Connect; however, I do have a few ????s


I, for one, LOVE the Sprint Phone Connect; however, I do have a few ????s

First, the Sprint Phone Connect is Brilliant!!  Prior to getting one, I had Sprint Service but had to rely on an Airave Device to get signal inside my location.  This was an excellent tool; however, it not only required connection to broadband - It also required GPS coordinates (via GPS & not wi-fi).  Therefore, I would have to run my 100+ foot included cord across my house and stick it to a front window.  Very frustrating a limiting - but had the best Sprint Reception out of 900 Apts :-). 

I found, after hooking up my Sprint Phone Connect (and I honestly apologize to the agent taking my order - it is not VOIP....I stand corrected.) I guess, when you have a rubber antenna attached (which looks like some type of SAT Phone from the TV Show "24") it is able to get the reception a standard smart phone with no external antenna can. Additionally, I now do not need the Airave because I assume, the Sprint Phone Connect brings reception into my Studio Apt and my Motorola Photon is able to "grab hold."

Now here are my questions:

1. It says call forwarding is a feature but does not specifically say if it is free.  I never knew it wasn't until I had forwarded my Photon a few times in a month. So, is call forwarding (Domestic and Domestic Cellular) free (from the Sprint Connect to the receiving line)? I assume the opposite would not be true....?

* How do you activate call forwarding and can it be conditional after so many rings or at certain times? Also, can it be immediate? Can it be forwarded straight to voicemail?

2. Are there any call features? For example, can ringback tones be added?

3. In general, is there a list that tells us all of Sprint's *## codes to activate/de-activate calling features? If not, does anyone know any useful ones? Does it vary by phone or is it constant across the Sprint Network?




Re: I, for one, LOVE the Sprint Phone Connect; however, I do have a few ????s

One point of clarification, while the Sprint Phone Connect's external antenna enables it to get a better signal than other wireless devices, it does not provide the wireless service improvements that the Airave provides. The Airave is a different product and may still be needed for any other Sprint devices that you might have.

1.  Call forwarding:  Immediate Call Forwarding have a $.20 per minute fee.  Conditional Call Forwarding is usually free.  For more details, visit and chat online for info or vist a Sprint store.

2.  Most all traditional Call Features on other Sprint devices are also available on the Sprint Phone Connect.  Regarding the ringback tones - log into your Sprint account and visit the Digital Store.  Ringback tones should be available for purchase there and should be able to be assigned to the Sprint Phone Connect device.

3.  Most call features are network based and therefore the same across devices.  Please visit the "Support" tab of to search for different features and commands.  You can also look up the User Guide for the Sprint Phone Connect and find commands there.

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