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Integration with Google Voice


Integration with Google Voice

Trying to integrate this with Google Voice

I.E. "Option 2"

Where my Google Voice number becomes my home number.

Calls from my home number will Caller ID as my Google Voice number, etc.

When I go to Google Voice settings, then Phones.

I see next to my Sprint Phone Connect entry that I can "Check eligibility for Sprint integration"

I check, and it indicates that I am elegible.

However, if I select Option 2 "Replace your Sprint number with your Google Voice number"

I get an "There was an error with your request" message.

Thought maybe my number was too new. But its been more than two weeks, and still getting this error.

This is the last piece that would make my Sprint Phone Connect system a 100% success.

Any help?


Integration with Google Voice

Just wanted to make sure you don't have a government or corporate type account - do you?



Integration with Google Voice

Nope. Personal account.



Integration with Google Voice


It is attached to the same bill as my Sprint Cellphone.

AND  I get a discount thru my cell phone service thru my employer discount.  Which is a hospital. (Non-government, but is a non-profit corporation)


Integration with Google Voice


Contacted the Sprint Store, and Sprint Customer Support.

Found that my account WAS listed as a Government account, and it had to be to get the 22% discount thru my employer (Not government, but non-profit hospital).

Asked about removing the Government tag, but they indicated this would remove my discount.

Asked about separating my cell phone, and my Sprint Phone Connect into separate accounts (since 22% discount does not apply to Phone Connect anyway).

They indicated they can only have me in the system once (One account per Soc. Security number).

Today is Plan C.

I've talked my ex-wife (AT&T wireless), to let me put Sprint Phone Connect on a new account under her name and Soc. We can make it non-Government, and then this should work with Google Voice. I'll pay the bill

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