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Not being able to make outgoing calls


Not being able to make outgoing calls

Yeah let me clarify. People can call the phone number without a problem. However when it comes to making a call it doesn't always work.

When we go to make it call most of the time it never dials. I will have the dial tone and dial the number and they thing just sits there. Its like its not dialing the number. The Phone you can hear the actual noise from pushin the button but other then that nope nothing. So I will reset the device and wahla it works again. This will last for a couple of days and then it dies again. Just called sprint and the representative followed the signal chain. She said will looks like it goes through the Airave which the signal was excellent, She followed from the airave to the sprint network and she said its not a network issue which we are sure of.

We also use the codes that sprint gives to update prl and everything.

Now the phone connect is on a seperate account trough my fiance. My account has the airave and the and our two cell phones.

What is with this device. Its really a peace of junk actually. We were considering to cancel but sprint wants 180 dollars to do that. So we need help here, how the hec do we make this work.

I was thinking its the handset because someone said its only designed for analog phones. I don't know what mine is but is an AT&T phone set with a cordless don't know if that is the issue.

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